3 of NJ’s 8 “Dem” Congressional Reps Vote to Stop Counting the Dead in Gaza: Gottheimer (D5) Pallone (D6) and Norcross (D1)

As eloquently pointed out by the tweets of Sadaf Jaffer, former NJ Assemblywoman, Beau Forte, Congressional candidate and others 3 of NJ’s 8 Democratic Party US congress members have voted to stop counting the dead in the US – Israel genocidal slaughter in Gaza.  The carnage of minimally 40K Palestinians, counts that escalate by 100s almost daily, is supported by almost the entire NJ Democratic Party delegation through continued votes to send weapons to Israel. 

Now they are providing legislative cover up to sweep aside the evidence of their very own role in propagating this massive slaughter.  Their bloody fingerprints though are already recorded in NJ’s history of our struggle which has been demanding an end to genocide under the windows and in the faces of these same genociding politicians.  

Their crimes are documented right here at FightBackBetter.  We have the evidence and when the fascist wave of repression is swept aside – in the future – these perpetrators can be brought to justice.

Nonetheless – the extreme depravity of removing funding for counting the dead of Gaza is also linked to many other efforts aimed at wiping the existence of Palestinians off of the earth.  The Israeli position about Palestinians is that there is no such thing – that any stake of Palestinians is invalid because there is no such thing as Palestinians.  I have been taunted many times by pro-Israel advocates stating exactly that.

This FIghtbackbetter editor welcomes the condemnation of the depravity of these 3 genocide supporters by Sadaf JAffer, Beau Forte and others.  But what do we do about it?

This is an election year.  The 3 genocide supporters deny the humanity of the Palestinian people.  They do not want even to acknowledge the acceleration of the escalation of the death tolls of US – Israel genocide policies.  They agree with Israel’s genocidal narrative that there is no such thing as Palestian people – they like Israel want their fantasy of there being no Palestinians to be a fact.  So they slaughter Palestinians in Gaza and steal their homes in the West Bank.  They outlaw saying Palestine in the United States and accuse genocide opponents of being “Hamas”, “Nazis” and anti-Semitic while passing laws that will unleash fascist violent repression againstPalestine supporters.  Now they do not even want to count the Palestinians being murdered.


The anti-genocide movement has used multiple forms of struggle – boycott, marching, blockades, disruption of genocide supporting politicians, encampments on campuses – numerous others and has made great strides in advancing the cause of opposition to genocide.

Another area of struggle that lays before us right now and especially in NJ is the opportunity to vote against genocide in the November 2024 election.  Jill Stein will be representing the Green Party and will be on the ballot in NJ for President along with Christina Khalil for US Senate and 12 congressional candidates all representing the Green Party and all currently participating in activities in opposition to genocide and speaking out.

There is growing support for the Green Party slate among NJ’s pro-Palestine movement supporters but there still is a degree of reticence and some are advocating to vote for Democratic Party candidates who support genocide.

With these 3 congress members we have a good example to put the question to the test.  They are going a step further even than some of the other NJ Democratic Party congress members who support the genocide – these 3 voted to STOP COUNTING THE DEAD!  Absolute depravity!  What argument can possibly be made to vote for these three miscreants?  But rest assured there will be those in the Democratic Party that suggest that we set aside concerns of Palestinians (as if they agree with Israel that there is no such thing as Palestinians) or who make an argument that voting for genocide supporting Democrats is the best way to fight against genocide – which this editor believes requires familiarity with genuflection technique.

This editor is with the Green Party slate.  We are going to go deep on the candidates and highlight exactly how the Democratic Party in NJ is aiding genocide – from supporting weapons to Israel in US congress and US Senate to trying to eliminate our right to protected free speech suggesting that any support for pro-Palestine narrative (as per Israel’s suggestion that Palestinians are not a real thing) as anti-Semitic and subject to repression, how they work to cut off even assistance to the Gazans being slaughtered by cutting UNWRA funding.  So to sum up the lesson right now with the votes to stop counting the victims of US – Israel genocide:


The 3 congress member who want to stop counting the victims:

L. Norcross, center Pallone and R. Gottheimer . They voted to stop counting the slaughtered Palestinian bodies to cover up the genocide. They continuously vote to provide weapons to Israel.  They are AIPAC funding.  They Support fascist crackdown on protected free speech of the pro-Palestinian movement.


L. Robin Brownfield Green Party for NJ Congressional District 1, Center Herb Tarbuos Green Party NJ Congressional District 6, R. Beau Forte for NJ Congressional District 5

They all condemns the depraved vote of NJ congress members who want to cover up the genocide and stop counting slaughtered Palestinians.
They all oppose the US providing weapons to Israel.  They accept no AIPAC money/
They support protected free speech and specifically the rights of Palestinian Americans, Arab Americans, Muslim Americans and humanitarians to oppose US policy of supporting genocide.

This FightBackBetter has decided the best way to use his vote to oppose genocide in NJ in November 2024 – have you?