Facebook Users – Here is How You Can Help Improve its Effectiveness

What is ?

This site was initially set up as a response to Biden’s “BuildBackBetter” mantra and his website by that name but I did not succeed in its implementation with effectiveness. I recently rebranded the site and relaunched it, mid January. The site is already proven to be a powerful tool increasing the power of the communications of NJ’s diverse forces struggling right now for an IMMEDIATE PERMANENT CEASE FIRE and the ultimate FREEDOM FOR THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE AND THEIR NATION OF PALESTINE.

However we have only begun to experience the POTENTIAL power once engagement increases.

The purpose of FightBackBetter now is to serve as a hyper focused news site serving the state of NJ.  We aim to report as comprehensively as possible the 100s of activities in motion in support of the Palestinian people by organizations, individuals, institutions, students, workers, clergy and lay persons and virtually across the whole spectrum of demographics of the State of New Jersey. The news at is a testimony to the strength and power of NJ’s forces for Palestine.

We publish on the news site and broadcast to 3 platforms, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Help is needed in all 3 areas for an effective presence.

The Facebook immediate needs are:

We need folks that are on Facebook regularly, who already post about Palestine or are willing to – to visit the Facebook page daily or as frequent as possible. Review the postings since the last time you were there and hopefully determine that some are worthy of forwarding to your friend list, groups you participate in, DM messaging, however you best spread messages.

Any amount of such supportive activity will amplify the voices. Each article usually links back to a way to connect directly to the forces that are engaged in the effort being reported – so you are helping organizing whenever you forward.

If the links from can better penetrate Facebook – it will be an advance for NJ’s struggle to end the genocide and FREE PALESTINE!
Please offer your feedback or volunteer to help out or raise questions on the form below or write to

Part of the reason for is to remove dependency of our message from Meta, X and other social network conglomerates.  Meta is cracking down on Pro-Palestine efforts and is threatening to ban the word Zionism. removes the repressive obstructions of the platforms but the effectiveness is only fully realized through participation.  Every aspect of the message of can benefit from your participation from creating the message to helping to carry it forward and amplify it.