Black Is Back Statement Against Repression of NJ Students for Opposing Genocide

The wave of repression that has targeted students across NJ, including at Rutghers University, Teaneck High School and West Orange HIgh School over student opposition to the genocide of the United States and Israel has been taken up as a cause by the national Black is Back Coalition.  The group has issued a statement at its site celebrating the stand of the students and denouncing attempts of school administrators and public officials to demonize the students and undermine the their voices.

The statement reads in part:

The Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations (BIBC) SALUTES  the brave, visionary  youth warriors of West Orange High  High School, Teaneck High School, and Rutgers University in New Jersey for their tremendous courage in standing up and speaking truth to power in support of Palestine, in the face of ruthless opposition from the Zionists in the state.

All the settler colonialist project named the United States seeks to leave for today’s youth and future generations is an overburdened debt load, a  militarized society  of never ending war and immense poverty, in which the needs of the people are subverted to the military industrial complex and Wall Street.   

Read the complete statement at this link