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Asbury Park Cease Fire Protest Wed. March 13, 5pm, Muni Bldg.

Due to unforeseen circumstances we are shifting the focus of tomorrow’s event in Asbury Park NJ.
❗️NEW PLAN: Meet in front of 1 municipal plaza, 07712, at 5️⃣ PM‼️‼️ If you are running late SHOW UP ANYWAYS!! The meeting will not start til 6, but it is encouraged to get there early.
❗️We NEED numbers tomorrow- Bring all your energy meant for the march into advocating for a Ceasefire Resolution!🙏🇵🇸 Bring your Keffiyehs, Flags, and Signs!!
❗️It will not be voted on during this meeting— but our voices matter!! Our HUMANITY matters AND has an impact!!
❗️Even if you do not feel comfortable speaking, we appreciate your presence. If you do feel comfortable standing up and advocating— Plan for a concise 3 Minute maximum speech.
‼️We are working very hard to get a new Rally and March going ASAP, and we will let you all know about new plans as soon as we can. We appreciate your patience and solidarity immensely, and we will not let this waver our support! We will continue to stand strong in support of the sanctity of life and will keep advocating for it!!!
‼️That being said, DO NOT ENGAGE with the Zionists. Do not stoop to their level. We do not condone any violence or ill intended actions for tomorrow’s event.
‼️We will see you all tomorrow at 5PM in front of the council building at 1 municipal plaza in ASBURY PARK NJ, to advocate for a FREE PALESTINE!!🇵🇸🙌


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