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Teaneck Anti-Palestinian Stakeholders on Racist Rants at May 15 Board of Ed Meeting

From Joseph Kessler Godin claiming that Teaneck High School’s decent test scores and college acceptance rates depend on its Jewish students (despite them being a very small minority of the student population), to Deborah Hartman Blaiberg openly saying “we want this district like Tenafly not like Newark”, to Aviva Angel (executive member of Bergen County Jewish Action Committee aka BCJAC) shamelessly pinkwashing the Palestinian genocide, last night’s Board of Ed. meeting was loaded. Albeit repulsive and painful to hear, none of it was surprising. 

The situation escalated when Orly Kessler Godin and Avital Kessler Godin, daughters of Joseph Kessler Godin who made the vile bigoted remarks about THS’ majority Black/Brown student population, threw tantrums and started screaming and charging at board member Victoria Fisher after she rightfully called out their father for his bigotry. These two white women were then politely asked to leave after threatening the Board Member/s physical safety. This wouldn’t be the first time. Avital Kessler Godin was also repeatedly asked to leave at the 12/13/23 board meeting for displaying similar erratic behavior and disturbing the peace. 

The overt antiBlackness and antiMuslim bigotry couldn’t be more glaringly obvious. Last night, the community watched two white women be gently asked to leave despite them being repeatedly disruptive and even attempting to aggressively approach Board Members the ways they did; what were they protesting? That their father was accurately labeled a “bigot”? But last week, the community watched in horror as a Black Muslim woman was forcefully removed by police officers and physically assaulted then wrongfully arrested for protesting a genocide. Despite her not threatening anyone in any way and simply carrying out a basic act of civil disobedience.


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