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Genocrats Gonna Genocide: All NJ House / Senate Democrats Supporting More Funding for US / Israel Genocide! There is No Evil Greater than Genocide!

I am tearing the band aid off and stating that there is no way in good conscience right now that a voter committed to ending genocide can vote for Genocidin’ Biden or for any sitting NJ representative to the US Senate or House!

As reported by NJ Globe, every Democratic member of the NJ Congressional Delegation has either signed a “discharge petition” that will force the vote for the release of $95 billion to arm Israel’s continued genocide operation, US support for war in Ukraine and for military aid to Taiwan which will ratchet up tensions with China. The two who have not signed the discharge yet, Andy Kim who has been a recipient of Israel lobby funding and is seeking nomination to run as the Democrat candidate for US Senate and Donald Payne who previously had purported to support a cease fire, both have indicated that they too will sign the discharge petition. Bonnie Watson-Coleman who had also previously advocated for cease fire has already signed on to the discharge petition – apparently flipping to the position of wanting to fund the continued slaughter,

US Senators representing NJ Cory Booker and the multiply indicted Robert Menendez already voted for the genocide funding package in the US Senate.

100s of Palestinians are murdered every day in Gaza by the US and Israel. Israel is pulling the trigger and the US is scrambling to reload the implements of massive death. As is clear with a brief review of FightBackBetter.com news site across the state of NJ the people are clamoring for an end to the US – Israeli genocide against the nation and people of Palestine.

The Globe article quoted Congressman Bill Pascrell (9th) “At long last it is time for Republicans to heed the will of the majority and support our democratic allies… If the Speaker does not do his patriotic duty, the House must force his hand through a discharge petition.” Pascrell represents the 9th. District in Congress which is where Paterson, NJ is, the home to a very high concentration of Palestinian residents – almost 20,000 and he has totally turned his back on his Palestinian constituents – supporting genocidal actions of US and Israel in Gaza.

One NJ Democrat voter who is engaged in struggle around ending the US – Israel genocide against Gaza states:
“It’s so hypocritical of Pascrell , Gottheimer and other democrats to call on other representatives to “ heed the call of the majority “ when they themselves are currently ignoring the vast majority of their constituents calling on them to demand a permanent ceasefire immediately and STOP FUNDING ISRAEL’S GENOCIDE IN GAZA PALESTINE! The world is watching as America’s congressional delegation changes the system to allow for more funds to go to a GENOCIDE , the insanity must end ,everyone must tap back into their HUMANITY ! #NEVERAGAINFORANYONE #STOPFUNDINGGENOCIDE”

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