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Israel Tilting Toward Republicans – Dems Continue to Support Israel’s Genocide Anyway – Biden Going Down in Flames in 2024 It Seems

Republicans are referring to the “Hamas Wing of the Democratic Party” to describe any performative attempt of Biden, Democrat congress members and senators or Kamala Harris to express a weak hearted humanitarian concern for the plight of Gazans being slaughtered by US and Israel. The Democratic Party is hopelessly hip joined to Israel and the slaughter. They have lost much of their support in swing states because there are many humanitarians that usually vote Democrat but are coming to the conclusion that genocide is about the greatest evil that can be fathomed – so the “lesser evil” argument is not resonating. As of now it looks like the Democratic Party is headed for failure in 2024 and Trump and his supporters are the likely beneficiaries.

Why is the Democratic Party mostly silent as it is smeared with loud proclamations of “Hamas Wing of Democratic Party” ?

Democrats like the Republicans are beholden to Israel support and that support is firmed up in millions in campaign donations from AIPAC and other pro-Israel lobby organizations toward the major candidates and representatives in both parties. The biggest recipient of AIPAC funding is Biden himself.

Biden had a recent performative stunt after assuring that Israel had enough arms to complete its plans to decimate Rafah – he temporarily stated that some arms shipments to Israel would be held. Then when the ICC issued an indictment of Netanyahu even that miniscule and as far as this editor knows unconfirmed symbolic gesture was erased – the weapons are all on their way again – if there was ever a slight pause.

For his efforts, Biden was associated with Hamas by Israel Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir. That is no small matter and is suggestive that there is coup conversations toward Biden underway in Israel. Associating Biden with Israel’s top enemy (in their view) Hamas is coup pretext talk and the USA did not even respond to this editor’s knowledge with any expressed concern or protective action. The right-wing extremists from Netanyahu’s Likud to Ben-Gvir’s Kahanist “Jewish National Front” the fascist Israeli political spread that both US mainstrem parties support – are both extreme right wing parties that would naturally ally with US Republican Party. While the Democrats have been giving Israel all the weapons – and support for massive repression and smear baiting of opposition to genocide as “anti-Seimitic” and pro-Hamas – to Israel’s right wing extremist controlled regime – they will get no support in return as Israel tilts toward the Republican Party in 2024.

While continuing to count on Democrat support for endless allocation of US taxpayer dollars to pay for endless shipments of weapons and war materiel to the US – Israel Genocidal War Machine the pro-Israel punditry is somewhat feeding into the Republican branding of the Democrat ic Party of being pro-Hamas or having a “Hamas wing of the Democratic Party.”

While many Democrats have been saying the same false smear of protesters opposing genocide – accusing our participants of being Hamas tainted – the Democratic Party itself and its members are now being similarly baited. The “Hamas” accusation is tantamount to a violent threat and a call for physical violence against those being so labeled. The Democratic Party along with their Republican partners are pointing the repressive gun at the students and other protesters against the genocide. Now the Democratic Party must lay in the bed it made as Republicans are pointing the same smear gun at the Democratic Party.

Nobody to my knowledge is coming forward from Israel’s camp to tell the Republicans to stop baiting Democrats accordingly. While there was some criticism of Security Minister Ben-Gvir’s Hamas baiting of Biden from within Israel – it was light and short lived.

The Israel obsession of the Democratic Party lost support from the humanitarians in the party (not the “Hamas wing”). For all of the Democrats’ efforts to back Israel they are being called “Hamas” anyway by Israel Security Minister Ben-Gvir and likely others as well as by Republicans – so there will be no advantage for for Democrats for the pro-Israel vote which is tilting Republican.

The feature picture for this article is a Trump supporter wearing a Trump hat and carrying a Trump flag – a leader in NJ’s pro-Israel community – he in this picture is making a speech offering one way tickets to anti-genocide protesters to Gaza.

More evidence of the right wing lean of pro-Israel leadership is its collaborative connection to Proud Boys when they were out in Jackson Township May 19 harassing peaceful protesters calling for cease fire in Gaza. The Pro-Israel leadership will smile and thank democrats for voting to arm Israel but it seems like they are Trump 2024 from on the ground pictorial evidence.

So Democrats for all of your shilling for Israel – you have lost the humanitarians who are looking to vote outside the Democratic Party or just not going to be motivated to vote and the pro-Israel constituency is rejecting Biden because of his performative and ineffective very brief (if at all) hold on arms shipments – now abandoned.

It is not looking good for Dems in 2024.

Meanwhile – Democrats like Sadaf Jaffer try to make some sense out of it all – an arduous task as Dems are joined to the genocidal project.

This editor is predicting failure for Biden in 2024.