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Biden Supporters Want Palestine Advocacy Silenced: Don’t Tell Me About Project 2025 Until You Show Me What You Have Done About Project Genocide 2023 – 24

Biden supporters are busy posting about Project 2025 while the rest of us are worried about Project 2024: A Democratic president complicit in genocide, signing the largest military budget in history and sending billions in US dollars to Israel and Ukraine while homelessness spikes to record levels, the minimum wage hasn’t budged in 15 years and people can’t afford a trip to the grocery store. Cops in Democrat-run cities and states are acting like every state is Texas, beating up protesters, banning masks on subways and the sitting Democratic president calls students protesting his bloody genocide “violent anti-Semites”. The fascism you fear is already here. Prof Zenkus

Since I rebranded FightBackBetter.com as a pro-Palestine NJ Support news service I have successfully weaned myself – for the most part – from the terrible waste of time of participating in Facebook conversations.  It is safe to say I have spent too much of my life on Facebook.  However seeing the racism of the pro-Biden camp toward the Palestinian People and the denial of dignity of Palestinians who are being slaughtered by the US and Israel with Biden at the helm has drawn me back into Facebook discussions.

It is possible for folks to walk and chew gum at the same time.  It is ok to talk about and oppose the right wing Project 2025 of the Heritage Foundation.  However it is suspect if you are all over that issue now and have been conveniently silent as Biden was the primary player in an actual genocide.  To the victims – the Palestinians in Gaza – and also more and more the West Bank – the genocide makes any Project 2025 damages look like a  picnic.  Palestinians are being exterminated.

So I have been engaging the pro-Biden people and challenging them over their concern for Project 2025 without having shown any concern at all for the plight of the 10s of 1000s already killed in an actual genocide – while they support one of the top culpable parties in the genocide.  Netanyahu and other Israeli officials face international war crime charges of genocide while Biden has been the closest partner to the operation.  Biden should also be charged with genocide and war crimes. 80% of the weapons Israel uses against Palestinians in Gaza come from the United States – approved and arranged by Biden.

I have captured some of the exchanges to share with other pro-Palestine supporters so that more can be aware as to how close- minded the Biden supporters are about the plight of Palestinians.  I am presenting just a small sampling.

There are those who are opposed to genocide who make an argument to support the genocidal Democratic Party and its current candidate Joe Biden. This is in spite of the role that Biden and the entire Democratic Party has played in the genocide, both in providing arms to the genociders as well as in seeking and passing laws equating opposition to genocide with anti-Semitism. This is all part of a plan to escalate the wave of repression already faced by opponents of the genocide.

There are also those in the pro-Palestine effort that reject supporting either genocidal party. They understand that Democrats and Republicans have been united in support of the genocide of the Palestinians.  This editor is in this camp. I suggest that the only way to use your vote in opposition to genocide in NJ is to vote for Jill Stein For President, Christina Khalil for U.S. Senate and for each of the Green Party candidates in NJ’s 12 U.S. congressional districts. 

Below are some examples of these conversations which have made me wince. These are Biden supporters who mostly in their minds think they are progressive minded and for equality and human rights. However, the severe racism of members of the Biden support fan club shows in their willingness to overlook the terrible plight of the Palestinians. They exclude the most victimized and oppressed people on the planet in their visions of a better world. This is very hard to fathom.

Biden Supporters are Predominately Pro-Israel

Among the reactions of the pro-Biden supporters are statements that show that they clearly align with the pro-Israel narrative. The point for the Pro-Palestine movement is that there is nothing within the Biden re-election campaign for us.

The pro-Israel statements of the BIden supporters should firm up that belief. Please do not get roped into a Democratic Party campaign that can only deliver greater mayhem to the Palestinian people!

Knee-Jerk Racist Reaction to Palestine Advocacy as Being MAGA or Pro-Trump

Those who are engaged in support for the Palestinian people are familiar with the knee jerk reaction of the pro-Israel advocates. Immediately upon hearing anything critical of the US – Israeli genocide they label us as “Hamas”, “anti-Semitic”, “terrorist supporters” and “nazis.”

Biden supporters are very similar – many of them immediately subject anyone raising the Palestinian issue to accusations of being “pro-Trump” or “MAGA” as Dan Vee does here.

As I mention in my response – it is racism to suggest that Palestinian advocacy is invalid and an indicator of being pro-Trump. In the heads of these Democrats, Palestinians do not deserve dignity or even a passing thought. Any mention of Palestinians should be pounced upon as “MAGA!”

Straight Up Anti-Muslim Bigotry from Biden Supporters

How ironic is it to see Biden supporters use fascist bigotry toward Muslims particularly at this time, while the Biden administration is carrying out a genocide. Muslims represent the overwhelming majority of the 10s of 1000s slaughtered by the US – Israel genocide partnership. Biden supporters are trying to generate fear of what they call the fascist Project 2025 while using Islamic culture as the fascism to be feared. It is hard to fathom how tone deaf Biden supporters are in calling out what they see as racism and fascism, while carrying out a genocide and using an anti-Muslim trope to create fear of right-wing policies.

More Racism: Concern for Palestinians Labeled “Purity” or “Letting Perfect Get in the Way of Good”

The issue of not supporting and wanting to stop a genocide becomes a demand for purity according to this commenter and many others. This idea that wanting to end the genocide is “allowing the perfect to get in the way of the good” is a familiar theme, running through many elections cycles. But many pro-Palestinian activists thought (how naive!) that genocide would be a deal-breaker, not something that could just be shrugged off as a “trivial inconvenience.” Palestinian people being slaughtered does not deserve any support in deciding how to cast one’s vote. To suggest this means we are guilty of demanding “purity” or “perfection” or letting our emotions and our anger dictate our vote, instead of voting practically or strategically in November.

Biden Will Make World A Better Place That Will Still Include Genocide of Palestinians

This commenter believes that Biden will make the world a better place but elimination of genocide is not included in the better place. The WHOLE WORLD demands an end to the genocide – that is what the whole world wants – except for this commenter (and others like her) – though she does admit Biden is “not perfect.” Genocide is a minor imperfection. She talks nobly about the product of our struggles having brought about gains yet she has no yearning to end genocide. A lofty description it is for Biden’s record of blowing heads off babies in tents with 2000 pound bombs.

What is of particular concern is how willing Biden supporters are to sacrifice the Palestinians on the altar of the Democratic Party, instead of seeing the genocide as a threat to ALL humanity and to their precious democracy. Until and unless Palestinian lives are valued and being complicit in genocide is seen for the war crime that it is, unfortunately, the US seems destined NOT to confront the evil of empire and such atrocities may very well continue.

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