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Iran Attack on Israel Has Stalled Israel Plans to Invade Rafah


The above article is from CNN – this is not wishful thinking – the Iran attack DID knock Israel off of its kilter with its plan to invade Rafah – a plan that will add 10s of 1000s more to the death toll at the bloody hands of US backed genocidal Israel. This does not mean that Rafah invasion has been prevented and that it will never occur. It DOES mean that the invasion of Rafah was literally delayed by the Iranian drone missile attack on Israel.

That result is a POSITIVE ONE of the Iran attack. It has also been reported that while the bombs were in the air the planes and drones over Gaza were silent which means less people were murdered by Israel as the bombs approached.

These are two positive results and they both mean less Palestinians were killed for the time being. It does not mean they will not be murdered by the US and Israel in future actions but for a moment the death toll has been reduced.

So while nearly the entire US mainstream political establishment – nearly all of the elected officials in congress – issued pitiful statements spoon fed to them by the US national security state – all of the statements that the US will “defend” Israel.

This means they have approved tacitly the Israel bombing of the Iranian consul in Syria. Israel was not a defender – it was the aggressor and Iran was responding. The democrats and republicans in the US House and Senate flipped the script to make Israel out to be the victim while it was the one that took the horribly wretched action of attacking an embassy.

As Lily Bernavides made clear in her response to Mikie Sherrill’s shameless groveling in support of Israel’s attack on consulate facilities – the US endorsement of Israel’s bombing will no doubt result in future attacks on embassies and the perpetrators will point to US support for Israel’s embassy attack as justification. There has hardly been a critical word mentioned by the Biden Administration nor by elected officials that has dissented from support of the Israel bombing of the Iranian embassy.

This editor’s acknowledgement of the positive outcomes of Iran’s attack – is not an endorsement of that activity – just an observation of facts. Iran’s motivations were retaliatory and it seems their retaliation was largely symbolic and intended to minimize any casualties. Iran showed that it can hit Israel from its home bases and that has changed some of the rules of engagement in the Middle East. It has also reduced the numbers of Palestinians murdered by Israel and the United States at least on a temporary basis,

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