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Advice to the Other Side: You Might Put Your “Hamas” Baiting Accusations in Check – They Could Cause YOU Legal Exposure!

There is a propensity among pro-Israel advocates to quickly accuse of Hamas.  Argument wise it is a cut to the chase circumvention of having to defend actions of Israel.

When you get called Hamas it basically means:

Debate over – you are dead to them. If your death could be arranged, they would not mind. Also they hope the police, national guard – even the regular army with any help needed from IDF, flattens you all on the campuses and in the street.

Those of us who are opposed to genocide . . . we get it and we hear it all over and over – you do not need to repeat it – and it is only demonstrating to many thinking people who are not thoroughly sold on the idea of Israel from cradle to grave that you do not have true arguments to cover Israel’s depravity.

And anyone who says otherwise . . . HAMAS!

Take care though – you could cause your own legal peril.  If you are making the Hamas accusation toward individuals, groups, participants in an event, specifically targeting your accusation, you could have liability even if you might not even have intended the potential result.  If your intent is to cause harm also, you could be liable. Your false accusation could lead others who believe it to act against those that you falsely accused.  Maybe you just wanted to shoot your mouth off but then people might get harmed.  Should that occur you could end up being held accountable legally. 

The participants in the armed pro-Israel gang attack on unarmed, peaceful UCLA students – as the police stood back and watched are now all over CNN and will learn about legal accountability.  The fascist pro-Israel mob participants are looking sheepish.  There likely will be legal cases. Students were harmed.  There was a GOFUNDME site and reportedly Jerry Seinfeld’s wife paid into it.  Some lawyers are going to figure it all out and bring some cases.  Let’s see what happens!

You have to watch that your own false words do not also lead to violence. Even if that was not your intent, courts could hold you accountable due to reckless defamation.  Sometimes you need to just bite your tongue.  Filter.

Itamar Ben-Gvir – the Israeli Security Minister recently associated President Biden with Hamas, and that is not a trifling matter.  In Ben-Gvir’s case – that is a suggestion that there is a coup discussion going on in Israeli government circles – to just come in and take over.  I would be nervous if I was Biden and I would be putting IDF intelligence in check.  It really seems to be something the US is overlooking right now – dangers from Israel toward the US.

But here in NJ and in the USA the accusation – always made without a shred of evidence – is literally accusing people without evidence of being involved in terrorism.  That is not the case.  We are exercising our free speech rights.  You can not start saying everybody that disagrees with you is a terrorist and then send the cops after everyone.  People who know that they are not terrorists will not have it as many others who do not want to see the police storm trooping and killing students and street protesters will not like it either.

Making up false smear, defamation, libel against people is an actionable offense and especially if harm results.  Harm will result and is resulting.  The harm has been caused by police and the politicians that commanded the cops but also coming from fascist gangs.  You might respond by saying that you are not accountable and you can say what you want.  Save it for the judge.  

Unfortunately it is very likely cases along these lines will be filling our courts soon because the violence is happening and increasing.  The case can be made and there are likely cases that will be made and won and some loud mouths will have some damages on their hand.

So there it is – why – even if you disagree with our right to say Palestine, genocide, apartheid, river, sea – to sing a song you do not like – to dance the Dabke – you should probably not participate in defamation which is exactly what Hamas baiting is.

It also is poor discourse and shows a lack of ability to argue.  It makes you look like you want violence against people with whom you disagree.

Please cease and desist with the “Hamas” baiting – for your own legal protection.

I am not a lawyer and I am not playing one – but I am offering free advice – you can say well you get what you pay for and ignore it . . . potentially at your own legal peril.

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