Netanyahu Bombed / Destroyed Every University in Gaza – and Now the Media Platforms His Advice on US Universities – Snipers, Automatic Weapons, Pepper Spray, Brutality Against Unarmed Peaceful Students and Professors – Genocide Light for the USA! Keep Listening to Netanyahu Though!

I am just starting this article today – saving this important tweet message.

Genocide light has been ordered up by Netanyahu, ADL CEO hater Jonathan Greenblatt who equates being a Palestinian with being a nazi and the Israeli Defense Minister all who have been front stage platformed by mainstream media as somehow being the experts on free speech and anti-Semitism – as Israel commits an all out genocide with full US support that is championed by Greenblatt.

Yes – they destroyed all the universities – to the Israeli supporters – the extremists especially – anyone that disagrees with Israel might as well be Palestinian, might as be Hamas and might as well be dead. Rest assured the proscription of putting snipers on the roofs of College buildings overlooking a couple hundred students dancing and chanting together against genocide – it is going to lead to increased violence – today was just a taste – all of the violence from the state actors.

This is genocide light for now – and both political parties are deep in the muddy – so you do not have to worry about Trump in January 2025 – we have guns pointing at our students on the campus right now.

We have a tough few days ahead but we all have to make clear that we oppose any attempt to use force against the students and that we consider it a trigger for massive mobilization should there be any casualties.

The Genocide like the chickens are coming home to roost – – 100s of Palestinians murdered in every depraved way every single day and these pundits and politicians do not even want to hear, see or talk about it. They call for violence against protected speech – they dislike a few chants so students might soon be slaughtered – just to protect their racket of getting funds for campaigns from Pro-Israel PACS and lobbies (AIPAC etc) as well as armaments companies – while voting for huge billions in outlays for both of our tax dollars and if we have anything to say about it – they call us anti-Semitic and put snipers on the rooftops of the colleges.

That is the score at this early hour of April 26 2024.