Teaneck Council Woman Belcher: “Say Their Names!”

During the February 27th council meeting, a number of Teaneck residents chose to read the names of martyred children from Gaza during Good and Welfare (public comments). This was councilwoman Belcher’s response.

The responses from zionist fascists in our town have been incredibly overt in their anti-Blackness, xenophobia, and general bigotry. There is no doubt that zionism is just another facet of white supremacy, supported by a town, state, and country that is inherently white supremacist.

Zionist fanatics have cheapened the very real threat of antisemitism by accusing every and anyone who critiques the “Israeli” settler colonial ethno-state of hating Jews. At the same time, they spew hateful, racist rhetoric towards the Black and Brown residents of this town who are rightfully enraged at a Township government that openly and proudly condones genocide, while spending Township resources to protect ethnic cleansing events the likes of which we all witnessed last Sunday, March 10th.

This will not stop until this township’s zionist leadership and the racist base who voted for them reckons with their complicity in an ongoing genocide. Today marks five months since Teaneck Council passed resolution 272-2023, a resolution that was unequivocal in its support for the zionist fascist state of “Israel”, despite the HUNDREDS of Teaneck residents who protested inside and outside of chambers that evening.

In the last five months, apathetic genocide-condoning officials and residents alike complained every meeting about the mention of “a war happening oceans away that has nothing to do with Teaneck”.

In the last 5 months, we’ve unearthed mountains of evidence indicating just how directly complicit officials and residents in this Township are in the violent massacres being inflicted upon the Palestinians right now.

We will NOT be silenced.

We will NEVER back down.

Attempts at suppressing our voices will only result in louder and more insistent rallying cries for justice.

Palestine WILL be FREE.
By any means necessary.

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