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Divestment Vote Was a Total Rout! And the Victory is About More Than Divestment! NJ STRONG AGAINST GENOCIDE!

The numbers are astonishing.  The students were rag tag versus well funded opposition from pro-Israel supporters that had a thug hired on College Avenue trying to entrap students and trucks patrolling the campus with racist slogans trying to bait and accuse the students of supporting Hamas because they oppose US – Israel policy in Gaza.

The students are traveling to Camden tomorrow to bring the Divestment demand to the Board of Governors.  RU President Holloway – who has close ties to the IDF linked administration at Tel Aviv University and likely security clearance accordingly, claims that Rutgers does not have to comply with the vote demand – he staked that position out in a letter recently.

So the vote does not settle the divestment issue but it is a big win and it increases the momentum and strength of the student movement for divestment and against genocide.  But this huge – overwhelming – romp and stomp of a victory – no question – across the board across three campuses means much much more than the Divestment issue – and what might even be the more deleterious connection – the IDF – Tel Aviv University connection.

It is a very solid indicator of the opinion of NJ on the issue of the genocidal war that the both political parties support but the Democratic Party is playing the lead role in executing – and that is what they are doing – executing 1000s of people – 100s every day!

NJ says no – – this was a cross section of NJ that voted overwhelming NO NO NO to genocide!  MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT!


The vote was very fair and very accessible to the students – everyone had an opportunity to vote at any time from their phone or PC.  There was no contest – the broad cross section that Rutgers samples the demographic of the entire state SAYS NO TO GENOCIDE!

Says no to the attempts to force support for Israel through a weaponized definition of anti-Semitism – by the Democrats in Trenton, to pass  resolutions supporting Israel in its genocidal action in the Statehouse, by the Democrats in Congress with their temper tantrum over a chant while they vote to arm the depraved IDF to slaughter Gazans where there are rivers and a sea of blood shed by the hands of Pallone, Kim, Sherrill, Gottenheimer, Junior, and the rest who want to deflect attention from the blood dripping from their hands, by the phony House smear investigative committee staffed with Israel financed Israel supporters, one of whom wants to nuke Gaza, by local school boards and town councils, by Jonathan Greenblatt the CEO of ADL who recently stated that wearing a keffiyeh is equivalent to wearing a nazi armband.  This vote shows that the collective false accusation being repeated louder and louder is not intimidating to those in touch with their humanity and opposing the genocide.

Says no the depravity that the elected officials carrying it out are so smug about pretending that it is not happening – like caring about the aid getting to Gazans after voting to defund UNRWA – the agency with the network capable of delivering the aid.

We are spread throughout this state and FightBAckBetter shows our recent history of our fight with 100s of reports of our NJ efforts – there is no argument that we are fanned out throughout the whole state with widespread support.  This overwhelming TROUNCING of the well funded efforts to undermine pro-Divestment vote IS THE PROOF: NJ SAYS NO TO GENOCIDE!

So stop with the intimidating accusations of anti-Semitism for anyone that tells you to stop arming the depraved slaughter fest in Gaza – you are the willful participants in the bloodletting and we are trying to stop you.  And be sure that this solid support is being organized and the repressive measures that you – those of you in the Democratic and Republican Party that are carrying out a genocide – will fail.  You will cause harm but we will be strengthened by it and further motivated and gain a better and better understanding of the next steps of our fight to disarm your genocidal operation once and for all!

The Divestment vote is a victory for the entire struggle to end the genocide – a victory for NJ – NJ STRONG AGAINST GENOCIDE!

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