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Genocider Pallone . . . SEND HIM HOME! Information About Pallone’s Refusal to Oppose Genocide from District 6 for Palestine

Editor bad joke: Pal’s (Palestinians) are alone when it comes to Pallone!

Asalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and hi! 👋🏽

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📍Their first post reads:

NJ District 6 are tax paying voters have been making countless calls and emails to @repfrankpallone since October 7th. We’ve been ignored and several scheduled meetings cancelled last minute. We felt it was necessary to go in person with the evidence.

We’ve popped in several times and presented the pieces attached in this post (amongst many others) as to why a permanent and immediate c e a s e fire is necessary. This Friday we had meeting with his representative James Johnson, who despite the chilling and heartbreaking footage and photographs, confirmed they will not support a c e a s e fire by signing H R 7 8 6.

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Click on picture to review slide show / video from District 6 for Palestine: