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NJ AR86 (Assembly) / SR44 (Senate) Resolutions to “Support Israel” – Basically Pro-Genocide Resolutions – Primary Sponsors All Genocrats . . . ahem Democrats

Are they TRYING to lose in 2024? They do not need the Muslim, Arab, Palestinian or pro-humanist votes? There was a coordinated introduction of a Senate and Assembly version of a pro-Israel resolution in NJ on January 9 2024 – under the title “Supports Israel as it defends itself against the terrorist attacks by Hamas.” In total, there are 4 primary sponsors, one for the Senate resolution, John McKeon D27 and 3 for the Assembly resolution Reginald W. Atkins D20, Garnet R. Hall D28 and Rosie Bagolie D27. All of them are Democratic Party representatives. These are symbolic resolutions at the state level in support of genocidal decisions being made by US legislators and President Biden at the national level – to arm Israel’s genocidal war machine. They are using the state legislature to organize a pep rally for genocide which is probably a good way to describe these resolutions.

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District 20: The district includes the Union County municipalities of Elizabeth, Kenilworth, Roselle and Union Township.

COSECHA NJ has been extremely active in these municipalities – especially pressing for a cease fire resolution full court in Elizabeth. We are reaching out for comment.

There also had been an issue with Elizabeth mayor opposing the free speech rights of Arab groups to advocate for Palestine.

District 27: The district includes the Essex municipalities of Livingston, Millburn, Roseland, Montclair, and West Orange; and the Passaic County municipality of Clifton.

There has been extensive opposition to genocide expressed in those towns. Protests occur every Monday at Congress Rep. Mikie’s office. The Montclair community takes to town square Fridays. West Orange has been the site of much support shown against genocide especially by the high school students who were subjected to great abuse. Clifton is center to a great concentration of Palestinians and home to the Palestinian American Community Center – a major hub for Palestinians of NJ.

It would be interesting to learn what role these two played in the underhanded maneuvers that turned Livingston School District into an asset for the Israeli Defense Forces – having held a tax payer funded event on behalf of a pro-Israel lobby group which as it turned out proved to be a pep rally for the bread massacre that took place on the very next day.

District 28: The district includes the Essex County municipalities of Maplewood, Irvington and South Orange, along with portions of Newark (which is also part of the 29th District); and the Union County municipality of Hillside.

South Orange and Maplewood are the roots of numerous SOMA organizations that hold multiple protests each week calling for cease fire and a free Palestine!

Newark has constant events and strong support for Palestine and in opposition to genocide. It would hardly be expected that Newark is well represented by an Assembly rep cheering for genocidal Israel.

The Assembly version has a list of co-sponsors including numerous Republicans. Republicans and Democrats in general are united over support for Genocidal Israel and the slaughter of Palestinians though it can be said right now the Democrats at the national and state level are in the lead role in support of the Genocide.

Fightbackbetter is in the process of informing the local organizations and constituents of the primary sponsors of these resolutions and will report back if they have any plans to address these issues. The phone numbers and office addresses are provided above so all are urged to do everything possible to communicate to these leaders of NJ support for genocide. My suggestion to include in your communication – not just why they are wrong – but that they will have real political consequences for themselves and their party which is largely being rebranded as the Genocratic Party.

There is a two fisted punch down from the Democrats on their Palestinian, Arab, Muslim and humanitarians of every race, nationality and religion constituency: these resolutions that are a symbolic rally for the US Congress and Senators and President Biden that are arming the Israeli genocidal war machine and the effort to brand all criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic – another campaign of NJ’s Democratic Party state legislative leadership.

What should we do?

Of course we should do all the usual: lobby, call, petition, protest, confront, show up if they dare show up . . .

But this editor suggests the most powerful move would be to recruit for every NJ Democrat Senator or Assembly that supports either these pro-Israel resolutions or for the attempt to define anti-Semitism as opposition to Democrats voting for war materiel for genocidal Israel – we start now to recruit folks to challenge those candidates either as Green Party, Socialist Party, Anti-Genocide Party – whatever we can muster in 2025. We should be clear when we discuss these issues with the supporters of these pro-genocide and anti-democratic speech muzzling laws and resolutions that that is the plan. We are not going to beg for mercy.

It is my understanding that for 2024 there is a near full boat of Green Party congressional candidates that are assembled along with Christina Khalil running for US Senate on the Green Party ticket. The entire NJ Democrat congressional delegation ended up signing the discharge petition to try to push the 14 more billion for Israel forward (as part of a $95 billion weapons expenditure!).

Yes we should lobby , call, protest, confront them when they appear in public – all of it. But we should also make this political challenge in this genocidal year of 2024 and again in 2025 where the Democrats are trying to ask for our votes while being the party ostensibly in charge during US support for genocide! That is our biggest power move. Opposing genocide supporting candidates regardless of party this November 2024 will mean voting for Green Party, socialist parties and independents that demonstrate clear commitment to an anti-genocide position. That is making most of our vote to end the genocide in 2024 and probably 2025 as well.

The Democrats this year have taken depravity to new levels – there are no lower levels of wickedness to creep down to than we are seeing right now. There will be no coming back from this abyss. If they get your vote anyway it will just be rewarding them though I am not sure what further depredation they can find after the Gaza genocide – I guess they can spread it into a wider Middle East war for genocide. That, and bringing the genocide home to our streets through repressive laws requiring loyalty to US policy of arming Israel at taxpayer expense. Coincidentally arming Israel also enriches arms industry owners whose PACs fund candidates of both parties.