Robin’s Mosaic Artistry – Four Pieces for Palestine

Robin Brownfield is a member of South Jersey for Palestine and she has been engaged in struggles for peace and justice – like this editor – since the 1970s.

She also is an acclaimed Mosaic artist and she often focuses her pieces on concerns for justice.

Currently like many of us she has been focusing on the struggle against US – Israel genocide in Gaza.

These are four of her pieces that capture the pain of the Palestinian people but also the hope that Palestine will be free!

Two of the mosaics, “Children of Gaza” and “The Princess of Gaza,” have been donated to the Palestinian American Community Center in Clifton, NJ. Proceeds for the other two, if sold, would go to PACC.

To see more of Robin’s work and connect to her, visit her site:

Princess of Gaza
Children of Gaza
Manna in Jannah
Stopping Hamas