Virginia Foxx, Head of House Smear Committee, a Staunch Israel Supporter and Recipient of Pro-Israel Campaign Funds

The US House Committee on Education and the Work Force has sent an investigative letter to Rutgers University asking for information and data and specifically targeting Sahar Aziz, a Rutgers Camden highly esteemed law professor and the Rutgers Students for Justice in Palestine, an officially recognized student organization. The committee is supposedly investigating “anti-Semitism” but it seems more interested in tracking down opponents to the weapons that nearly every member of this House committee votes to send to Israel in support of genocide. They define opposing their votes for weapons to Israel as anti-Semitism and are weaponizing the issue of anti-Semitism to go after opponents of the policies they support. Coincidentally those policies enrich weapons manufacturers and most of these committee members are supported by campaign contributions from Israel supporting and armaments supporting PACs.

We are beginning to research the members of this committee and what is their background based on the premise that their actions are not about anti-Semitism at all but just their way of attempting to smear and criticize people whose political views oppose their – including Virginia Foxx’s – support for the US – Israel genocidal war against the Palestinian people.

The following are a few facts assembled so far:

Support from pro-Israel lobby groups:


Attending AIPAC meeting:


Proclaiming Israel Support on Facebook

Voting Record – We Are Researching Further – We Believe She is 100% Voting for Arms to Israel but Might Strategically Hold Off on Bills Based on Inter-Partisan Negotiations. We will dig up the details on her voting on the armaments and other aid shortly – for now the presumption is that she is 100% in favor of continuing to arm Israel in its genocidal slaughter of Palestinian babies, children, women and men,.

Foxx’s False Conflation Confusion

Virginia Foxx’s Affair with the Pro-Israel Billionaire Set is only beginning this research effort to unmask Virginia Foxx as the self interested – reaper of pro-Israel funding who wants to make it illegal and anti-Semitic to oppose her support for genocidal Israel. It is decrepit of any politician who can only defend their wretched policy decisions by making laws against saying anything in opposition to their decisions – especially while they are surrounded by billionaires looking for favors. It is the look of greed and corruption – but the mask is coming off of Virginia Foxx and the others on this sham McCarthy-ite throwback committee.

It is an act of desperation of Congress – because the rising tide of opposition to their policies of slaughtering babies means that we in the US – are connecting with our humanity. Scoundrels like Virginia Foxx will be dealt with by history in most unflattering terms – and that dealing starts now.

If you have additional information about this charlatan – write to .

While the affected parties targeted by this smear circle their wagons and consult for legal and other advice – advocates need to firm up our support. We need to show unity with Sahar Aziz and Rutgers Students for Justice in Palestine. The first step is to speak out publicly in support of Sahar Aziz and Rutgers Students for Justice in Palestine and to express readiness to act upon our words and to get their backs. This attack is only the escalation of a relentless onslaught. The good news is the supporters of genocide are getting nervous because our nascent uprising strengthens daily. The bad news is they are taking actions that have the potential to harm people’s lives and these could be also part of a repressive wave that could include physical repression. We are beginning to see the “genocide light” coming home to haunt our very own streets in the USA.

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