Former NJ Asw Sadaf Jaffer Confirms Canceled Vote on Repressive IHRA Bills Was Victory (Albeit NOT Total and Final Victory)

Sadaf Jaffer, whose Assembly member term expired in January 2024 participated with other advocates in the activities at the NJ Senate session on Monday to oppose the repressive IRHRA bills. She believes it was a victory that the vote was canceled.

Here assessment of what occurred:
“Many people attended the committee meeting planning to testify against the adoption of the IHRA definition. We were in the committee room from 9am-10:30. The committee heard a number of bills but neither of the IHRA related bills and the chair said the committee would adjourn and reconvene at an unspecified time after the senate voting session (which was scheduled to start at 11am. but actually didn’t start until around noon). The chair met with one of the advocates and agreed not to vote on the two IHRA related bills today and to meet with those who have concerns.”

Of the canceled vote, Sadaf Jaffer states “It’s almost the best victory we could ask for in the situation. Short of them voting ‘no’ which wouldn’t happen.”

Editor’s Note: Lets bask for the moment in the glory that through our collaborative effort we thwarted this vote attempt and lets get ready to continue to converge around stopping this attempt by NJ legislators to impose a framework that will lead to severe repression of the efforts to stop the US – Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people – in Gaza. Do not allow the genocide mechanisms to be legislated into NJ law. We face a future of state violence and repression in NJ if those pushing this IHRA analysis into NJ law are successful. ed.

Sadaf Jaffer’s tweet is generating international news.