Who Hired the Thug and the Truck That Smeared and Made Muslim, Palestinian and Humanitarian Students Unsafe at Rutgers New Brunswick? What Information Does Rutgers Have About the Truck Op? Are Funders / Participants Connected to the Islamic Center Vandalism?

The points that are protested about this truck’s presence at Rutgers New Brunswick during the week of the divestment vote in the slideshow from Rutgers Endowment Justice Collective are on point.  There was also the recent appearance of a thug on College Avenue trying to entrap students to sign cards saying “Thank you Hamas” – see article below.

The question that must be asked is what entity is funding these operations?  What is the structure behind the groups trying to restrict the right of Rutgers students to express their oppostion to genocide.

Now with the vandalism at the Islamic Center – these entities and individuals need to be included in the investigation:
The thug with the Hamas cards – and whoever or whatever paid him.
The truck driver and whoever hired the smear truck service
All funders and participants in the effort to repress the pro-Divestment vote

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