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Tel Aviv University – Holloway Hides Truth Away in Tel Aviv U Comment in Recent Letter – TAU Research Product Includes Dahiya Doctrine!

Our partnership with TAU adds to our fundamental academic and research mission. This relationship was first established in 2016 and will continue at the HELIX, our new research facility in downtown New Brunswick. I traveled to Tel Aviv in 2021 with a delegation from New Jersey to renew the memorandum establishing the partnership and to show my commitment to global academic exchanges and to international engagement. Rutgers has relationships like this with universities all over the world and they help move our mission forward. RU Pres Jonathan Holloway from his April 1 letter defending RU policy of continuing relationship with Tel Aviv University

That sounds very nice and clean and pristine Jonathan.  You make this out to be like any innocuous research relationship with any other university.   Disingenuous don’t you think Jonathan?  This relationship is NOT just like any other university – it is very special – as you say you have a whole HELIX research facility engaged in this very special relationship.

Also it needs to be totally revealed that Tel Aviv University has a very special connection to the ongoing genocide – to the IDF – to the very civilian slaughter doctrine that Israel has deployed engaging in the most depraved forms of slaughtering large numbers of people – each day more depraved than the prior.

Tel Aviv University has something called the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) – a think tank directly connected to the IDF.  It has a similar function to Rutgers own ICCAE (Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence) which has ongoing relations with Israel intelligence connected companies and very likely active relationship with Israel intelligence and military exchange students.  More investigation is definitely needed into how deep the ICCAE is connected to the INSS. 

Holloway references research as some innocuous do good principle.  He hides the truth away.   Tel Aviv University is a pillar in IDF recruitment and research and weapons research and development.  Tel Aviv University directly supports Israel’s constant military aggression which includes genocide.  The TAU research Holloway is bantering about in his letter produced the very Dahiya Doctrine that drives Israel’s disproportionate slaughter of civilians!  Nothing to clap about Holloway!

The following is excerpted from this article and it describes how Tel Aviv University’s INSS helped define Dahiya Doctrine – which is the Israeli doctrine of disproportionate slaughter of civilians and the definition of civilians of being worthy targets for slaughter.


From this article:
Tel Aviv University is home to the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS), a think-tank close to the Israeli military establishment, which has helped define the state’s military philosophy when it comes to Palestinians and neighboring Arab states.

The Dahiya doctrine, named after a Beirut neighborhood nearly destroyed by Israel during the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war, encourages the destruction of civilian infrastructure as a supposed deterrence to groups taking up arms against Israel.

In a paper no longer hosted by the INSS website but cited by the Institute for Middle East Understanding, Gabi Siboni, director of the Military and Strategic Affairs program at INSS says: “[Israel] will have to respond disproportionately in order to make it abundantly clear that the State of Israel will accept no attempt to disrupt the calm currently prevailing along its borders.”


Tel Aviv University to host soldiers’ program, A collaboration between the Israeli army and TAU has drawn backlash from faculty and Palestinian students decrying the militarization of academia.

Tel Aviv University, Israeli Air Force launch first-of-its kind joint research center

One-third of IDF reservists from Tel Aviv University are women, New data reveal a major change in the contribution of women to the war effort compared to the past

Tel Aviv University Review 2008/2009 – at the time 64 projects funded by US and Israeli defense agencies – could only have increased since.

Israeli universities lend support to Gaza massacre

How Israeli Universities and Legal Scholars Collaborate With Israel’s Military

From this article: 
Tel Aviv University has offered itself as a key site for this military strategizing and legal innovation. At its Institute of National Security Studies (INSS), academic experts and senior security state personnel join forces to develop and publish legal guidance for the Israeli government and military. Yadlin himself was appointed as director of the INSS, where he oversaw policy work and published legal guidelines elaborating on the counterterror doctrine for over a decade. In INSS journals, Kasher and Yadlin articulated further justifications for why the point of departure for their doctrine is not international law. They argue that traditional conceptions about the nature of warfare and how to restrict it do not apply to Israel’s “war on terror.” Kasher even proposed a new category to contravene the legal distinction between combatant and civilian when he coined the term “third population”—persons who appear to be noncombatants but may potentially interfere with Israeli military operations—in reference to Palestinian civilians.


From this article:
A few months ago, the Technology Employment Fair took place at Tel Aviv University. It’s an annual event in which various high-tech companies are invited to set up stands on campus and try to convince students that working for them is a first step towards a successful career. Alongside giant corporations such as Apple, Cisco, Amazon and Samsung, the university has also invited [Israeli] arms companies Rafael, IAI, Bet Shemesh Engines, the Negev Nuclear Research Center and Elbit Systems, as well as the Israeli intelligence organizations: the Shin Bet and the Mossad. . . . 

This is not the only way by which Elbit Systems exploits research advances from academia to generate profits. In 2019, after the Tel Aviv University engineering department demonstrated tools that it developed at the AUS&R [Autonomous Unmanned Systems and Robotics] arms expo, cooperation between the university and Elbit Systems began in the field of autonomous drone navigation. The senior staff of the university also support the company. The university organized several meetings between senior executives of Elbit Systems and professors in order to expose Elbit Systems to “new groundbreaking innovations” in the fields of cyber and aircraft propulsion, to “facilitate the transfer of technology from a research institution to an industrial corporation for developing groundbreaking products.”

Reports are that robotic dogs – popularized from an infamous Black Mirror episode are now deployed in the Gaza killing fields.

No Holloway!  This is not some innocuous academic relationship – you are a genocider hip joined to the administrators at Tel Aviv University and here you are in NJ doing the bidding of the perpetrators of the ongoing slaughter employing every depraved method imaginable to kill Gazan children, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters.  

SJP recent statement in Targum: