Thug Deployed on College Avenue, Rutgers New Brunswick, March 22 Trying to Entrap Students and Other Pedestrians

I have covered the face of this apparent thug – the purpose of this posting is not to identify this person but to let people know of this operation which could be part of the road map forward as our efforts continue to be successful in organizing the anti-genocide fight in NJ.

According to an Instagram posting:
This man was spotted on college ave near the student center and yard with a pride flag and Palestinian flag. He is asking me people to sign a “thank you card for H4m@s”. “

This is a clear practice of Zionist bait and he may be recording interactions so please avoid him.

When the Hamas accusation comes from a very pro-Israel person it means 2 things – they are expressing toward us what they would not mind seeing happening to us – our demise and 2. suggesting that it should be arranged – in other words – a suggestion or call for violence. The Hamas accusation is being made with the hopes of justifying growing police action and violence toward our struggle – maybe even to get a little genocide going here on the US streets also. No doubt many of Israel supporters would love that.

It is very likely also that the US is allowing Israeli intelligence to operate here – and there is a whole intelligence semi department at rutgers called ICCAE and this could be an independent study for one of the students there. Indeed that semi-department does work with Israeli connected intelligence companies or has in the past.

If they are able to entrap an activist or even a naive passerby into taking such an action they can likely either use that to prosecute the person, to blackmail them and / or to make a false case of Hamas connection to our anti-genocide efforts to justify physical and legal attacks.

For now lets keep our eyes out and continue to gather this sort of data and keep our files.

At protests – there should be one or more on alert and if these sorts or any opposition show up – the security or marshals should stand about 10 feet forward from the group directly between them and the group – and security should not goad them on – just a passive watchful presence unless they make moves toward us. If that happens – stand in front of them to impede their progress toward the group. Usually that can avoid a situation.

Tensions are mounting and our opposition to the genocide is no doubt far more than US and Israeli intelligence expected. So they could begin desperate measures. Good move to capture the photo – if we get more information verifying his role I would remove the face cover but for now this is a heads up to stay alert.

Maybe it’s time for students to start asking their University presidents and administrations to assure that there are no Israeli or US intelligence operations on the campuses – it is very likely that there are! Why is Rutgers allowing an entrapment operation and has it approved this operation?