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Op-Ed: NO to US – Israel Genocide Agenda in NJ Curriculum! Edu-Genocide is Not Conducive Toward NJ Diversity! Stop Livingston District Abuse of Power!

I am rerunning the report about Livingston Township School District where the Superintendent went on an expenses paid fact finding trip to Israel, paid in part by Israel – and is improperly using his powers as superintendent toward his personal goals of promoting Israel’s genocidal agenda.

Related, Former Assembly Rep. Sadaf Jaffer quoted about trip in this video report.

NJ Spotlight Reports on NJ Legislators (and Superintendents) Propaganda Trip Sponsored by Israel

He has actually put the district’s seal on the flier for a pro-Israel event and is using district communications to invite students and parents to attend a pro-Israel – which means pro-genocide – event on February 28 at a Livingston Middle School.

I have reached out to journalists about this today and yesterday and so far am having trouble finding any that can cover this – mostly due to competing demands on their time, coverage area, etc. – not the detriment of the reporters but certainly of the mainstream media that is apparently ok with Israel and its IDF stepping into NJ school districts.

This imposition of Israel tacit influence on the NJ curriculum is not in a vacuum. NJ high schools have been a hotbed this year of youthful student organizing in opposition to US – Israeli genocide. So now we have superintendents inviting operatives of Israel directly into the schools – using taxpayer financed resources – as a counter measure to the success of the student protests which have received significant reportage in NJ media.

Mind you – these pro-Israel presenters are in favor of slaughtering babies, children, mothers, civilians – with impunity and the people they want to continue to slaughter have relatives going to NJ schools – so they literally are getting Carte Blanch to come into schools where the students in some cases were related to any number of Gaza slaughter victims – to ADVOCATE THE CONTINUATION OF SUCH SLAUGHTER!

This HAS to VIOLATE equality, diversity, inclusion – all of the principles of NJ education code.

Someone needs to move for an injunction to stop this wretched misuse of power by Livingston Superintendent Matthew Block immediately!  Meanwhile please see the recommendations of Teaching While Muslim in the Insta embedded below!

Livingston School District is Serving Up Pro-Genocide IDF Propagandal

The superintendent of Livingston Public Schools Matthew Block  took an expense paid trip to Israel funded in part by Israel and also in part by Israel supporting institutions.  This was part of a propaganda trip that usually just includes NJ legislators but this year included 3 superintendents including Block.  Now Block is using Livingston School District as a base to launch pro-Israel propaganda – during a wholesale US – Israel sponsored genocide against the people of Gaza that has already killed around 30000 Palestinians in the last 4 months.  I am especially noting that Livingston has endorsed this event – scheduled to take place February 28, at the Heritage Middle School 6:30-7:30 pm.  The school district symbol is emblazoned on the promotional materials for this IDF propaganda event.

Let’s be clear – Israel and the USA are slaughtering 100s of Palestinians every single day.  They are doing it based upon a false narrative that has dehumanized the victims.  To bring this genocidal narrative into NJ public schools with the full endorsement of the Superintendent means that the same attitudes justifying this mass murder campaign are being promoted here in NJ schools by the educational leadership.  We encourage everyone to follow the Teaching While Muslim suggested course of action – and perhaps suggest that these demands should also be raised with the NJ State Department of Education and perhaps it is time for legal action against the introduction of genocidal narrative into NJ school curriculum that creates a hostile and dangerous environment by students falling into the demographic of the target of the genocidal narrative this school district is promoting.


From @teachingwhilemuslim on Inst

Our public schools should NOT be used for Zionist propaganda. Pro Palestinian residents of Livingston have already been consistently harassed by the Zionists in Livingston, NJ.

Not on our watch. The link in the post (and in our link tree) will create the email for you. All you have to do is click send.


There is a 6 page slide show at this Instagram link – the announcement for the IDF event follows.