OrganizingResources Instagram and Facebook Page Set Up

A necessary evil of running a news site, includes a presence in social media.

So today an Instagram and a Facebook page have been created. The goal will be to post all or most of the articles from to both outlets so there will be nearly a full blow publication in both social networks.

My personal Facebook profile was totally downgraded after October 7. Before that I was already sorted to the bottom of the barrel already by the Facebook algorithms. And it got worse again on Wednesday, January 24 when I started posting about the relaunch of

So Facebook is definitely challenging but it does seem like there is some communication that gets through. The hope is that the Facebook page – if it gets enough of a following, can help draw attention to the articles at It would also provide a means to promote through Ads – sometimes also a necessary evil.

It seems much of the social media Palestine work is currently being conducted in Instagram. I am also seeing that the same obstructionist methods that Facebook employs are present on Instagram. My attempts to follow users to the FightBackBetter Insta page have been stalled by the Insta app so I will need to await to continue that endeavor.

I need your help in both these regards not only to follow on Insta and to like on Facebook but to forward and encourage others.

The Facebook page is here – please visit and like / follow.

Click the photo to follow FightBackBetter on Insta please.