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Who Sponsored NJ School District Superintendents’ ‘Fact Finding’ Trip to Israel? – Also Link to Video Report of NJ School Board Member Who Lost 9 Family Members

Questions are being asked about 3 school Superintendents that joined a NJ state legislative so called ‘fact finding’ trip to Israel.

It is unclear according to an article in North Jersey News who paid for the flights of the 3 superintendents, Matthew Block in Livingston, Erskine Glover in Hillside and Rachel Goldberg in Springfield joined the ‘mission.’

Meanwhile organizations opposing genocide raised questions about how such a ‘fact finding’ trip could avoid researching the victims of the genocide as well as the timing of the trip while the genocidal measures are in full over drive.

Quoting from this article in North Jersey press:

“Jewish Voice for Peace of Northern New Jersey, Jewish Voice for Peace of Central New Jersey, and If Not Now NJ noted there there was no opportunity to meet with families of victims in Gaza.

The NJ Muslim Coalition, which represents 60 mosques in the state, said the trip appeared to give a “stamp of approval to Israel’s actions” at a time when Gazans face starvation and displacement amid widespread bombings of homes, schools and infrastructure.”

Also notable the North Jersey article has an embedded video about a NJ school board member lost 9 members of his family in Gaza and that he learned about it on his own birth day.

Further information will be provided as it is learned.