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NJ Spotlight Reports on NJ Legislators (and Superintendents) Propaganda Trip Sponsored by Israel

An Israel sponsored trip for NJ legislators and 3 NJ local school district superintendents is the subject of this report and video that contains important critical voices denouncing the trip as a propaganda mission – a fact confirmed in that the trip is sponsored by Israel.

Former NJ Assembly woman Sadaf Jaffer on her own Facebook page:

“It is wrong for New Jersey legislators to go on a trip sponsored by the Israeli government as bombs are dropping & killing 100 Palestinian children a day. New Jersey constituents are losing family. Thanks @NJSpotlightNews for giving those who object, myself included, a chance to explain our concerns.”

Some commentary from the Spotlight article:

Former state Assemblywoman Sadaf Jaffer was critical of the trip. “I don’t think it’s right for legislators to be going on an Israel-sponsored, basically propaganda trip at this point,” she said. “One hundred children are being killed every day in Gaza. Twelve thousand children have been killed overall.”

“Residents of New Jersey have lost thousands of family members, and I personally know people who’ve lost tens of members each,” Jaffer continued. “It’s a signal to those people that their perspective and the lives of their families don’t matter.”

Alex Kane, a senior reporter at Jewish Currents, also commented: “Learning about Israel and Israeli Jews is obviously, for anybody who wants to learn about the country, is a good thing. The problem is that there’s not the same understanding or same time amount of time spent about when it comes to Palestinians, even Palestinian citizens of Israel.”