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Do NJ Hospitals Also Have Contractual and Product Usage Ties with Genociding Elbit? See What MA is Doing About it!

Perhaps we should peel back the curtains of NJ hospitals to see if their is a connection?
From:  bdsboston 

ACTION ALERT: Join us at 8AM this Thursday at Encore Casino in Everett, where the medical tech trade association MassMEDIC is holding a conference. Elbit’s medical subsidiary KMC Systems is a member of MassMEDIC, and Elbit/KMC and their potential clients are likely to be in attendance.

While Elbit Systems is producing the drones and missile guidance systems Israel is using to carry out a genocide against the people of Palestine, KMC Systems is producing laboratory and medical equipment used throughout Boston’s healthcare system.

Elbit uses KMC’s healthcare footprint to launder its reputation–even as Elbit weapons are being used to destroy hospitals, assassinate doctors, and target ambulances in Gaza.

Join us Thursday at 8am to send the message, loud and clear, to Elbit and their clients: GENOCIDE IS NOT WELCOME IN BOSTON HEALTHCARE.

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