Teaneck School Board Slant in Support of Genocide Called Out at Feb 21 Meeting by Teaneck for Palestine

The following Insta tile set describes the situation that Teaneck for Palestine eloquently brought to the floor of the school board meeting on Feb. 21, 2024. Click the first image below to connect with organizers and get more details.
Teaneck for Palestine states on Instagram:

teaneckforpalestineTeaneck For Palestine has been carefully documenting the tactics used against students and other Teaneck residents who are vocal about their support of the Palestinian people.

Tonight, at 8pm in Teaneck High School, there will be a Board of Education meeting. Show up to support our Teaneck youth. This town and its school district must know that there is a community and village behind our students. We will not allow their intimidation of our Teaneck youth to go unchecked.