Can’t Say Palestine, Gaza or Genocide in Elizabeth NJ? Sorry Bollwage – It Does Not Work That Way!

Well we heard about Florida – where you can’t say “gay” or racism . . . but in NJ these sorts of bans on speech are not supposed to happen.

But we have a book ban in working class and Black and Brown majority Newark – banning a book from the curriculum by a Palestinian author – a novel – because white supremacist Zionist groups complained. The scenarios that the novel referred to are based upon historical facts but Newark students can not read the book now.

We have a basketball coach suspended for his choice of a sweat shirt at a game because it had a watermelon – a symbol of Palestine solidarity – on it.

And now this Democratic Party mayor who wans to control the messaging on blliboards in Elizebeth NJ.

Well at – we DO say Palestine, proudly and WE SAY PALESTINE EVERY DAY!

And we get your back if you are under attack for speaking the truth about the history and oppose genocide.

Please take the actions described below and lets tighten up our ranks – lets say Palestine and do the Dabke and shut down genocide – until we prevail and Palestine is FREE!



Today, MPAC sent a letter to Mayor Bollwage regarding allegations against our billboard that calls for a #ceasefire. Let’s clarify: criticizing policies ≠ targeting communities. Join us in signing our counter petition (link in bio) to support our cause and stand against silencing voices for Palestine. #letgazalive

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