“There Are No Innocent in Gaza! Terrorism from the Cradle to the Grave” Jackson Township NJ Pro-Israel Counter Protester Presents Exterminationist Doctrine

On Sunday May 19 a large protest for a cease fire in Gaza was organized in Jackson Township NJ. This is only the first report on this event – there is much to unravel. Better come back to FIghtBackBetter to get the rest of the story.

With apparent support from a few dozen pro-Israel counter protesters, one of the leaders of their group laid out the genocidal opinion of their group: “There are no Innocents in Gaza . . . Terrorists from the Cradle to the Grave!”

He is literally defining the current US – Israel doctrine but showing where it is leading – this spokesperson for the pro-Israel group is publicly and loudly calling for the extermination of every single person in Gaza!

He continues his genocidal rant – talking about bananas for the “Hamas supporters” but what that is, is a taunt over the forced starvation of the Gazan people due to Israel’s prevention of aid reaching 100s of 1000s of malnourished Gazans. As he states this a young man wrapped in the Israeli flag comes along with a tray of pastries – it is a taunt of Israelis to post videos of them opulently wasting food and water to taunt Gazans over the lack of food and water and they were doing some playacting today celebrating that depraved and genocidal aspect of US – Israel policy. The videos of Israelis destroying the aid truckloads debunk US State Department fairy tale reports that there is no Israeli obstruction of the aid.

Next the guy with the Trump hat and Trump flag and a few other flags gets the bullhorn. Apparently he forgot that a minute ago his partner was calling openly for the murder of every Gazan. This guy starts as if he is trying to make a heart to heart appeal to young people – as if they also forgot what his partner just said – justifying the slaughter of Gazans. After some irrelevant rambling about Nazis he then apparently gives up on the idea of trying to appeal to the young people heart-to-heart. He goes back to a genocidal rant offering to sponsor a ticket for all of the protesters to Gaza. He is so impressed with himself that he says it many times. So the Trump Israel supporter on behalf of the group of pro-Israel people is telling us he wants to deport anyone that disagrees with him about Israel – to Gaza – where obviously the deportees would end up murdered based upon the doctrine his partner offered a minute ago – that there is no Innocent in Gaza.

As the first critic of the above video just stated to this editor “It’s like they are saying the quiet part out loud.”


Meanwhile both major political parties call the youth and students opposing genocide “haters.” They send in the police onto the campuses for some smashy-smashy. This pro-Israel crowd in Jackson on May 19 celebrates their genocidal yearning with ominous shouts that there “are no innocent in Gaza.” Imagine if some other national, racial or religious group was swapped for Gaza? Why are proponents who openly call for the slaughter of all Gazans the ones we are told to support by the political parties? Why do Democrats and Republicans support this group calling for the deportation of Arab, Muslim, Jewish, Christian and every other national, ethnic and religious group represented among the protesters in Jackson Township on May 19? Those we are told are the good guys that we supposed to support.

We will have more reporting about the event – there were lots of wheels in spin at the event. But we wanted to rush to publish this proof of who the real haters are literally reciting a doctrine that supports the extermination of all the people in Gaza.

How is this for hate speech: someone in the pro-Israel crowd hired 2 planes to repeatedly fly in dangerously unsafe and possibly violating low altitudes over the peaceful pro-cease fire protesters in mock air raids – showing off the depraved slaughter of 1000s of Gazans and simulating it over the already traumatized Arab American and Muslim American including Palestinians in the cease fire grouping.

As reported by Mike Davis on twitter – we had to defend our protesters from pressure. The police did later move this group that came to challenge our defenses back to their original location. Some believed it could have been done more swiftly – our group was concerned for the safety of many children who were participating in our peaceful event.

We also are pleased to have this on the spot report from Jim Keady who was standing in the “cease fire” support area of the event.

Jim Keady’s Comments from May 19 Jackson Township NJ Cease Fire Rally:

The participation of Proud Boys (this editor saw 2) on the side of the Pro-Israel group. Proud Boys are known for embracing bigotry, racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, anti-LGBT and anti-Immigrant. So why is the pro-Israel crowd hanging out with proponents of anti-Semitism?

Jim Keady also gives an overview and raises questions as to the possible over coverage of the event by police.

He refers to the plane – there were 2 actually – with pro-Israel decorations under the wings. They were flying at dangerous low altitudes over our group repeatedly – obviously an ominous reference – they are bragging about their bombing and slaughter of Gazans with their opulent plane display. (Editor’s comment)
Jim Keady explains the situation is where it is due to Biden’s failure to demand a cease fire and also his failure to cut off military aid to Israel and he expresses heartfelt concerns for our near future.

(If you look real close in the background after 1 minute – this editor denies that’s me busting a move in the background.)



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