Protect Free Speech: Teaneck Council Meeting Tuesday, April 2, 7:30 pm – Remote

After Teaneck police allowed a mob to surround a pro-Palestinian protest last night (April 1) in Teaneck NJ – a protest against Zaka role in fabricating reports of atrocities by Palestinians which was used to bolster US support for slaughtering 10s of 1000s of Palestinians (and others) in Gaza – residents are mobilizing for tonight’s Teaneck Council meeting to protect free speech. It is being suggested that Teaneck might try to impose measures violating free speech rights so participation is strongly encouraged. Use the zoom link below to join meeting – public portion starts 7:30 pm. Passcode: 709123


At the following event – details are coming in – pro-Palestine protesters seem surrounded by pro-Israel assembled and cops.

The event ended without violence and the counter protesters taunted the pro-Palestinian protesters as they left the scene.

Comments from a local resident:

“All we want is accountability for false claims that fueled genocide .. Nobody no entity should be above the law.. Zionists want the world to hold Palestinians accountable for wanting basic rights yet they can continuously commit crimes without consequence

Police allowed the Pro-Israel group to intimidate. Instead of keeping them on the opposite side they allowed them to surround Pro-Accountability Pro Humanity Pro Palestinian Protesters

Caging in just like Israel did in Gaza.

Our cause is a righteous one and we wont be intimidated”

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