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Project 2025 Opponents Calling Rally for July 27 at NY Times Square at 7pm – Should we Join the Rally with our Flags?

I do not know how official this call is but there is an announcement circulating on social media calling for a protest in Times Square, Saturday, July 27 at 7pm against Project 2025.

If it becomes an officially organized protest it is likely the official organizers will be at least loosely connected to the President Biden campaign.  There could be reluctance of that group to join the demand against genocide.  However the genocide happened in 2023 and continues in 2024 – as of now looking like it will go on into 2025 as well.  It is incomprehensible for a rally about the future of the nation – regarding issues of freedom vs. fascism to make believe that there is not an ongoing genocide that the candidate they will be supporting at this rally has been the top participant in.

Would there be capacity to bring a greater democratic discussion to TIme Square on July 27 at 7pm?   What if we formally contacted the organizers – proposed a joint event addressing opposition to US/Israeli genocide as well as Project 2025?

I have critiqued the feverish pitch of concern over Project 2025 being promoted by Biden supporters after they have been silent since fall of 2023 about the slaughter of Palestinians that Biden has coordinated with Netanyahu and his war cabinet.

But there would be nothing wrong with the anti-genocide movement offering their opposition to the wretched right wing policies – but in so doing staying true to our principles against the current horrors of genocide wrought by the Biden administration with bipartisan support.  We should also bring our principled support of protected free speech rights which are under attack by a bipartisan effort led by Democrats trying to define disloyalty to endless arming of Israel as “anti-Semiitc.” 

If we participate it would necessarily be with our flags, our keffiyehs and our banners against genocide and also offering opposition to Project 2025.

It might not be a good idea for our movement and there might not be capacity.  There could be some more important activity at that time.  There might be other reasons not to engage in this event.  However it could be an opportunity for us to bring a democratic discussion to the streets about how to fight fascism and repression – and to oppose genocide. 

If you are interested in this idea or have an opinion one way or the other please use the form below to offer your views.