What to the Palestinian is this Fourth of July 2024 – Banner Drops Across NJ

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Autonomous group drops multiple banners across New Jersey to defy the celebration by a nation that is actively funding the livestreamed genocide in Palestine.

The first banner was dropped over the Garden State Parkway on July 3rd as drivers began their “holiday” travel; they were reminded that their tax dollars contribute to the zionist entity’s destruction of life in Gaza.

The next two banners were dropped simultaneously in Jersey City on July 4th as residents gathered for the state’s largest celebration of the “holiday”. Onlookers were reminded of the mounting death toll of children in Gaza & were confronted with the chilling words of Aaron Bushnell before his self immolation – the ultimate sacrifice against the US imperialist project in Palestine.

There can be no celebration without the horrific reminder of US imperialist terrorism in Palestine and indigenous lands worldwide.

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