Rowan SJP Organizational Details

Rowan SJP is currently embroiled in a organization recognition battle with a student led committee of Rowan State University’s SGA having arbitrarily rejected the groups application. has reported on this issue and published the complete statement of Rowan SJP which properly calls out and rejects the abuse of power of the SGA Club Development Committee.
Rowan SJP Organizational Recognition Rejected Due to Apparent Ignorance and Bias of the SGA’s “Club Development Committee”
Rowan SJP Open Letter to Members of the Rowan University Community has also reported on a Rowan SJP statement calling out US Rep. Josh Gottheimer for smearing as anti-Semitic those who oppose genocide.
Rowan SJP Calls Out Platforming Smear Artist and Genocide Supporter Josh Gottheimer

The following Insta tile pictures link back to the Rowan SJP Statements and action suggestions regarding these issues: