South Jersey Has Come Alive with Protest Against US / Israeli Genocide of the Palestinian Nation and People

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South Jersey is alive with protest against “US and Israel backed genocide against the Palestinian nation and people” according to an organizer of the recently founded South Jersey for Palestine organization. They launched a protest and for the last 2 months they have been protesting on the border of Collingswood and Haddon Township noon every Saturday on the corner of Haddon Avenue and Cuthbert Road with as many as 40 protesters showing up to the latest weekly actions:

Weekly Protest:
Saturdays Noon to 1pm
Haddon Avenue and Cuthbert ROad

Meanwhile at Rowan University, the Rowan Students for Justice in Palestine recently successfully were recognized after having to struggle with an arbitrary initial attempt to deny recognition – and they too are on the forefront of south Jersey organizing for Palestine.

Stockton University also has a chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine and they are actively engaged in pressuring to the university from selling Israeli connected products on the campus.

At Rutgers Law Camden is the esteemed Law Scholar Dr. Sahar Aziz who offers Palestine teach-in planning help and is a stalwart defender of free speech in NJ as well as a target of false smear based upon her support for the Palestinian people – none of which has ever stuck!

On the electoral front, Tiffany D’Amico who attends most of the protests with South Jersey for Gaza and the other groups has declared her intention to challenge Democratic strongman boss Don Norcross for Democratic Party nomination in the first district as a means to challenge Norcross’s continued support for arming Israel and committing the genocide in Gaza.

Micheal Scheinberg, a liaison of South Jersey for Gaza states. “There are so many people with ideas and so many groups and subcommittees it is impossible to keep track of all of the activities. We are considering several proposals right now but the continued attempt to get answers from the genocide supporters – those who have the power to call for a cease fire but are refusing to and are continuing to fund arms to Israel – that should be expected throughout South Jersey and anywhere else in NJ. It is not like we have to even plan it – just expect more and more of it – we are opposed to genocide and the message will become more clear in the days ahead.”


“We are launching a pitch to all of the justice leaning organizations throughout South Jersey to ask everybody to make at least one connection to the struggle for Palestine. If there was ever a time to say “Palestine” it is right now – please endorse the pitch to “Do One Thing – Palestine” – which initially means take one step for Palestine be it as an individual or as part of your justice serving organization – the time to continue to endure the struggle is now! Please use the form below to connect and move in collaboration.”

We are also looking into the connections of businesses and organizations in the south NJ area that have particular connection to the genocide and we could likely protest around trying to stop these operations from directly profiting from the genocide.

Every day we are finding out about more activities and committees and we are working to connect to all of the efforts.

The groups coalesce and co-mobilize for events which have included recent disruption of Boss Don Norcross’s Town Meeting event – holding signs and speaking out.  (See video below.)

Editors Note: South Jersey genocide opponents have expressed disappointment with lack of media coverage given the level of activity but they are finding other ways to communicate including through the movement’s own media service, which is carrying this message.

Organizers state that much of the activity is boiling everywhere – for example a couple of weeks after a protest at Andy Kim’s office he was disrupted in North Jersey with a similar message.

Protest at Kim’s Office January 28:

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Kim disrupted by Northern NJ genocide opponent:

Final words from Michael Scheinberg:
“Stay tuned – we will have many important, exciting announcements about plans to move forward – without warning!”

Here are some pictures and video linked on Instagram from the recent February 12 Town Hall of boss Don Norcross which was disrupted by members of South Jersey for Gaza and If Not Now South Jersey demanding an end to genocidal slaughter in Gaza:

Boss Norcross disruption:

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#StopArmingIsrael protest at US Senator Booker’s office in Clementon NJ on February 21:

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