The Proverbial Hand Slap of the Fascist Beast

What a perfect metaphor for the state of US affairs – as the US sponsored Israeli genocide shifts into overdrive with the US enabled incursion and bombing in Rafah, the two ruling class parties are gleefully cracking down against the students across the nation – 2000 arrested, 5 shot in the head with rubber bullets, 100s of other injuries including broken bones, contusions, blunt trauma injuries . . .

Our movement is too strong for the US government liking and as the quasi military police move in – in at least Columbia’s case with an Israeli connected intelligence unit in command – so they are slapping back – on the campuses and in the halls of congress. Below is Code Pink’s explanation of what is going on in the video.

What a disgrace – from the Halls of Congress, to the rivers of blood flowing into the sea of blood in Gaza, to the campuses – bipartisan genocide propped up by bipartisan fascist violence against students and this Palestinian American Code Pink member.

May 7, 2024

Today, former cop and sitting congressman Mike Ezell slapped our Palestinian American member Sumer asking him to stop the killing in Palestine. In Gaza, as Israel occupation forces besiege, maim, and murder Palestinians en masse, they kill journalists and silence any dissent against their atrocities. In the U.S., elected officials resort to the same violence and repression to continue backing Israel’s genocide unimpeded.

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