AccountabilityNJ Genociders

Lets Hold NJ Accountable for Its Support for Genocide

NJ is supporting the US / Israeli genocide against the nation and people of Palestine in many ways:

NJ politicians vote to fund Israel’s genocidal campaign. Currently NJ’s two US senators Booker and Menendez are poised to vote for supplemental funds to keep the US war munitions and funding flowing to the purveyors of genocide. They also have yet to raise any opposition to the US bombing of Yemen – a new US war for genocide! Most US congressional representatives are also on board voting to continue to send billions in funds and missile shipments to continue to genocidal slaughter.

There are NJ companies that profit from relations with the Israeli apartheid regime as well as war industry companies with operations in NJ that are directly profiting from the genocide.

There are local politicians and state level politicians participating on the repressive front trying to deny the free speech and assembly rights of NJ supporters of an Immediate Cease Fire and for Freedom for Palestine.

There are organizations that work to smear those who dare to criticize Israel.

Lets do the research and bring home the facts so that we can understand directly how our state and some of its political representatives and candidates as well as companies and organizations are contributing to this genocidal campaign of the US and Israel.

It is quite possible that we can determine means to support an end to genocide by protesting operations here in NJ that are accelerating the slaughter campaign – the first step is to pull the information together and bring it before the community.

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