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Genocrats, You Have to be a Little Less Evil than Genocide in 2024!

That is this editor’s opinion.

Please if you disagree – do not take this personally. You can even take this as constructive criticism. Take it as advice. I am absolutely convinced that unless the Democrats do an IMMEDIATE ABOUT FACE and abandon support for genocide – they will lose big time in 2024. So if what I am saying it is not true – then get your candidates to take effective immediate action for a cease fire. For this cast of characters that you expect to be successful- they need to start doing something and stop genuflecting for genocide.

Biden too – and especially – there is no srtong argument to be made to get people who are opposed to genocide to get to the polls and support Democrats – unless there is an immediate turn around and an immediate cease fire.

It is not because I am saying this – it is because we are all feeling it as each day is multiple times worse than the worse day yet.

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