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Cease Fire DOA! US Abstains – Israel Refuses – Announces End to Rafah Genocide Planning Discussion – Security Council Must Act But US Will Block

A temp cease fire is like saying one baby can have one sip of water – then we kill them all again including that baby. It literally is a reloading, get more weapons to the front, position US forces. Focus on other objectives and challenges US – Israel face . . . like Houthi / Yemen, Hezbollah, Syria other forces US propaganda likes to group under Iran backed groups – forces either opposing the genocide or have other beefs with Israel or both. Israel’s reaction should call for Security Council Action but the US will not let that happen so the cease fire ends up unenforced. Of course – reiterating what was said the other night when the US tried to proffer a suggestion of a cease fire instead of the demand for one. More will be said by many including this editor. #CeaseWeaponsNow !