Green Party of NJ Candidate for US Senate, Christina Khalil, Supports Growing Student Movement in Solidarity with Palestine

May 14, 2024

Green Party of New Jersey’s Candidate for U.S. Senate, Christina Khalil, Supports the Rapidly Growing Student Movement in Solidarity with Palestine

“I applaud the students of Princeton, Rutgers, Columbia and universities all across this country for standing against genocide,” said Christina Khalil. “Their dedication to peaceful organized resistance in the face of violent police action, threats from authorities and Zionist counter protestors is exactly what the First Amendment was written to protect.”

“I am not only morally sickened that our government would fund and arm this Palestinian genocide, a genocide against my genetic brethren. But I am also appalled that our government would use brutal force to silence our young people. Israel is showing the world a disturbing example of hypocrisy, one that the United States is not only enabling overseas, but also enforcing here at home.”

The glaring hypocrisy is that the Israeli government is filled with descendants of holocaust survivors who are now commiting a holocaust against Palestinians, forcefully silencing their own Jewish citizens who peacefully protest. However, instead of condemning this behavior, U.S. politicians are guilty of perpetrating a similar hypocrisy against their own people. Many claim to have protested or supported protests against the Vietnam War or subsequent wars during their college days

Yet few seem to have any problems with sending the most armed and militarized police in history to violently arrest young people doing the same thing. Even those who claim to be progressive have failed to condemn the use of police force on these peaceful students. They decry ‘anti-semitism’ while allowing police to beat and ziptie Jewish American anti-genocide protestors, coralling them in to mass arrest vehicles.

“Unlike them, I stand with the students,” asserted Green Party of New Jersey candidate for US Senate, Christina Khalil. “I stand with the resistance to genocide.And so do all of our Green Party candidates for U.S. Congress here in New Jersey. There is hardly a day now when a New Jersey Green is not attending at least one, if not several pro-Palestine, anti-genocide rallies throughout the state. I am here to remind us that Palestinians are Semitic too. Free Palestine”