Friday February 9 – Palestine Support from Throughout NJ!

For now I am gathering the vids and the pics – if you have pics and vids or posts in Insta about today’s protests. I So far I have some photos coming and vids and I am including those now. Please refer me to any artifacts of today’s (February 9) protests / events for Palestine.

If you have photos, vids or links, plesae share them to me on insta @fightbackbetter or .

West Orange Student Walk Out

East Orange Student Walk Out
The first one is a video but the embedder is not working for this Insta account.  Click the picture to link to the video and picture in the organizers account.

Wayne NJ where students walked out.

Princeton University

credit story from @sjp.princeton

credit Insta @sjp.princeton

The College of NJ

We are all collectively fighting against social media algorithims that are specifically and intentionally designed to suppress Muslim voices and specifically any voices in the Middle East region. The west wants to have full control over the Middle East and has been and continues to paint a very negative image of the Middle East. People think propaganda is all fun and games, but it has pushed countries to the brink of starvation and even worse, justified the mass murder and genocide of countless countries in history. Not now. This is what we – the youth of this age – are in charge of. Fighting against the propaganda that continues to flood the internet.

It is the youth, the 20 something year olds that have taken it upon themselves to document on ground what is happening to Gaza, (like Bisan and Motaz) and it is our job to keep spreading that documentation so that every single person is aware of the genocide that Israel is committing and the billions of dollars in aid that the U.S is sending to fund the genocide. We are protesting to demand that NJ calls for an immediate ceasefire and to stop funding the genocide. And not only that, but we are also calling for the end of the occupation. We want a place where Jews and Muslims can coexist peacefully, and it will surely not be under the rule of the Israeli occupation. We will free Palestine within our lifetime.

credit story from @sjptcnj

Outside Booker’s Office – Free Palestine, Cease Fire, US Out of Middle East

photo credit Irfan Khawaja @irfanakhawaja873

Compliments of video artist

At Mikie Sherill’s Office in Livingston NJ
The second pic is from an Insta post – you can go to it by clicking the picture.