From Shrewsbury to Red Bank, Cease Fire Marchers Closing Rank, Sat. Feb 24 2pm

A full report is coming but for now a keynote speaker from when the marchers took to the streets from John Parker Park in Shrewbury – to Riverside Gardens in Red Bank, a close to 2 mile march.

There was an attempt to circle past the Starbucks at the Grove in Shrewsbury . . . police turned the marchers around after coming up the entrance way of the parking lot. A clear message was sent to Starbucks that has gone out of its way to support the genocide – and has suffered billions of losses due to the world kicking the Starbucks habit. More details to follow.

The following video was from Riverside Gardens Park in Red Bank.

I was pleased to be welcomed at the start of the event to give a brief presentation about  There is an obvious pattern of US media – from national to local ignoring Palestine.  I offered the idea that part of our solution – creating and becoming our own media – and we are using it for this purpose.  I offered the QR code for the news site from a poster board and most everyone participating scanned it in.  (Many Red Bank residents, passing pedestrians and drivers and passengers in vehicles also scanned the QR at the Red Bank event!)  I brought my little yellow hand truck and sound system and had some technical difficulties.  Other participants were there to offer to help carry some of my gear so I could better manage my part in the sound – the collaborative work between so many different groups in this needful circumstance is tremendously uplifting.

As we moved to start the march – we polled ourselves to see if we had a preference to go in the street or the sidewalk – we did not have a permit but we asked the police and they were actually accommodating allowing us to have part of the street – even for a while on Route 35.  We did eventually have to get on the sidewalk on 35.  There were hazardous pedestrian conditions along the way – badly maintained right of way – with debris, wet paint and a major hole that caused one marcher to be injured.  We asked the police to document the hazardous condition at the injury site.

The below pictures and video were offered by the organizers at Monmouth County for Palestine  a newly formed committee – (details on the development coming soon) and  they have asked for shore area residents to keep watch out to their Instagram page and their postings here at for news about the growing number of events in the shore area for Palestine.

From announcement of event:



(Restructured from cancelled kids event on 2.17)

Help us grow needed support for Palestine and pressure officials into calling a 📣 *CEASEFIRE NOW* 📣 in these CRUCIAL parts of NJ! Continue to STAND STRONG WITH PALESTINE and join us for this march to fight for their right to live! Speeches to follow from respected community members at Riverside Gardens Park!

📍 Meet: John Parker Park @ 31 Paterson Ave, Shrewsbury, NJ
🕑 2pm, *sharp*
📍 End: Riverside Gardens Park • Red Bank, NJ

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