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Despite what Republicans and Israel say there is no “Hamas Wing” of the Democratic Party

Currently there is a smear being promoted against the Democratic Party from Republicans as well as from pro-Israel leadership in NJ and the US.  The smear suggests that there is a “pro-Hamas wing” of the Democratic Party.

I am not a Democratic Party member and have NEVER voted for a Democrat nor Republican for president – and I have voted in every presidential election since 1980 – always for an independent left, Green or socialist. So I should NOT have to be the one to say this:


Democrats should be concerned about this smear and the lack of an immediate and strong response from the leadership of the Democratic Party is a clear sign of weakness and lack of leadership. 

It is fitting perhaps that Democrats are now facing similar smears as they themselves have promoted against students and street protesters against US – Israel genocide in Gaza.  In NJ Democrats and Republicans seem to be in competition to see who can come up with the most repressive smackdown to students protesting against genocide and with false conflation of the issue of anti-Semitism with any and all criticism of Israel.

So after supporting legislation like HR 6090 that will be used to justify military and police repression against students protesting US support for genocide in Gaza as well as other war making by the US, now Democrats are on the receiving end, also being smeared as Hamas affected.

The Hamas smear has not only been leveraged against the Democratic Party as a whole.  US President Biden, already struggling in polls in many must win battleground states is also subject to such a Hamas smear.

Biden’s smear comes DIRECTLY FROM ISRAEL – from one of its top ministers, Itamar Ben Gvir. Israel’s Minister of Security.  There has hardly been any reporting on it nor any US response.  Ben Gvir in response to Biden’s momentary hesitancy on one or two bomb shipments to Israel as some sort of protest against a planned Rafah attack – now fully underway with full US support tweeted “Hamas <Hearts> Biden” on May 9, 2024.  He stands by his smear of the US president BIden who has been the most supportive US official toward Israel’s genocide operations – his tweet has yet to be deleted, with over 10K reposts and likes, seen by 12 million.

The thanks of Israel to the generosity of the United States with all of the funding, the crackdown on the students, over 1000 arrests, 1000s of injuries, bones, contusions, blunt force, 5 shot in the head with plastic bullets at UCLA. We took blows. Ben-Gvir the Kahanist sitting Israeli Security Minister is openly taunting the US president with what amounts to a threat of a coup against the US.  Accusing Biden of being allied with what are considered by Israel and United States as terrorists that Israel is at war with is definitely a physical threat to the president.

I posted the following response to Itamar Ben-Gvir = please consider reposting my reply.

And with Israel tilting toward Trump – with Arab voters jumping to the Green Party – and Democrats helping Israel while pro-Israel leaders include Trump flag carriers offering deportation to citizens that dare criticize Israel, Proud Boys and calls for extermination of everyone in Gaza , Republicans are taunting the Democrats as being Hamas associated.

It is telling that there has not been any big voice from the Democratic Party telling the Republicans to SHUT UP with the Hamas accusation. After all Democrat President Biden is the one who has co-coordinated the genocide closest with Netanyahu, Ben-Gvir,  Gallant and Gantz.  Republican and Democratic party legislators have overwhelmingly also supported the arming of Israel with some notable Democrat dissenters in the House.

If Israel was not supporting the Republican smear of the Democratic Party its leadership would have issued a statement denouncing the accusation. But the accusation against the Democratic Party – being advanced by Republicans on behalf of their Israel client serves the purpose of Israel to scare anyone away from voting against arms for Israel.  If there is any doubt, the fact that Ben-Gvir’s tweet still stands almost 3 weeks – “Hamas <Hearts> BIden” makes clear that Israel is 100% supportive of the smearing attack.

It is clear – as of now Israel is tilted toward Republicans.  If it continues, Trump’s success in 2024 is almost a certainty.  The open Hamas baiting of Biden by Ben Gvir suggests that there is literally coup talk going on in Israel toward the USA.  

Israel’s doctrine is that it must have impunity for every action it takes – its claimed right to exist and its claimed right to self defense implies a right to function with total impunity, total funding, total intelligence and military support – and total repression of anyone daring to criticize one word of their pronouncements or any of their deeds. I am the furthest thing from being anything like a Democratic Party supporter but I recognize the danger of this smear so I am calling it out and denouncing it.

This editor of FightBackBetter hyper focused advocacy news site service NJ’s pro-Palestinian struggle denounces and repudiates the smear – and states unequivocally that there is no “Hamas wing of the Democratic Party” – and any suggestion is only meaningless bloviations from Israel boot lickers – mostly of the republican party but likely including a few democrats.  I strongly encourage the Democratic Party and its members to find your words and defend from this dangerous smear – not only for political reasons but the Hamas smear can also create physical and legal danger to you personally.

More evidence of the right wing lean of pro-Israel leadership is its collaborative connection to Proud Boys when they were out in Jackson Township May 19 harassing peaceful protesters calling for cease fire in Gaza. The Pro-Israel leadership will smile and thank democrats for voting to arm Israel but it seems like they are Trump 2024 from on the ground pictorial evidence.

Israelis also favoring Trump: