House Just Dropped Conflation Witch Hunt on Rutgers University – In the Middle of Divestment Vote!

Ominous – THIS JUST DROPPED – with two days left in the Divestment Vote – October Surprise cranked out of a House witch hunt. McCarthy move over!

Of course FightBackBetter editorially is 100% with Howie Swerdloff but this is just over the top – lets get ready to get each others backs because the repression is about to get real!

There is one NJ Democrat on this committee – Donald Norcross who has been outspoken supporter of continuing genocide operations. He is often referred to as “Boss Norcross” as he is considered one of the controlling influencers of NJ’s Democratic Party.

The press release from the House Committee – a smearing document – names Sahar Aziz and Rutgers Students for Justice for Palestine with scurrilous unsubstantiated accusations that have already been reviewed.