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Did Israel Just Put a Hit on Biden? Is Israel Launching a Coup on Biden?

Hamas [hearts] Biden,” Itamar Ben-Gvir, Israel’s far-right security minister, wrote in a social media post. Al Jazeera, reporting on the depicted quote from Israel’s Minister of Security

Let’s be clear. When someone in the Israeli government or when an Israel supporter refers to you, to anti-genocide protesters, to this editor, to anyone as “Hamas” they are saying two things – that you are dead to them and secondly that they would not mind if you were actually dead. It is not a dog whistle – it is an orchestra of smear coming toward millions of people throughout the USA and billions throughout the world who are opposed to the US-Israel genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza! It is daunting now since many politicians (Dems and Repubs alike) , pundits, corporate CEOs, all sorts of bloviators are calling the protest movement Hamas, terrorist, anti-Semitic and Nazi. All of that is smear and conspiracy to promote violence, both extra legal gang and hit squad and state police and military violence. All of it we are seeing and BIden is in command of that violence reacting to those false smears and echoing and amplifying the deadly smearing messages.

Biden also dutifully to Israel has taken great pains to bypass as much process as possible to get the 2500 pound bombs to the Israel genocide operation and all of the other weapons and materiel

And Biden has partnered with Netanyahu and the entire Israeli regime to butcher 10s of 1000s of babies, and children and mothers and fathers. They do not even bother counting how many they kill. And BIden made sure that Israel had all the weapons they need for the Rafah invasion before he all of a sudden had a slight change of thought for the last minute. All of that in the name of “Hamas”.

How ironic it is that now HE is target of the SAME SMEAR that the rest of us have been dished including by the propensity of the AIPAC subsidized Democratic Party!

But rest assured – the Israeli fascist murderous genocidal regime would not make that accusation of Biden lightly. It literally has signaled a hit on Biden and any of its rogue minions get the opportunity it could indeed result. It was not some lowly minority Knesset member – no – the SECURITY MINISTER Itamar Ben Gvir!

That is a real threat! If I were Biden I would have myself surrounded by my security team and talking to the whole US intelligence establishment to identify the possible exposures from its reckless collaboration with IDF intelligence – which by the way includes tentacles into all the campuses in the US through the nefarious Tel Aviv University connections! The entire Israel military and intelligence establishment poses a threat to Biden and to the US government based upon Ben-Gvirs implied threat.

It is really quite a spin we are on and it is hard to imagine what the next event will be!