Dem US Senate Primary Challenger Patricia Campos-Medina Speaks Outside Middlesex County Dem Convention in Iselin March 14: Cease Fire Yes! Arms for Israel No!

The Middlesex County Democratic Party held its convention at a hotel in Iselin on March 14. The regular Democratic Party seems to be deciding primarily between two candidates who support continuing to arm the genocidal campaign that is slaughtering hundreds of Palestinians daily: Tammy Murphy the governor’s wife and Andy Kim who represents NJ’s 3rd District in Congress and has been steadfast supporter of continuing the US – Israel genocide operations and has been a recipient of Israel lobby funding. Boldly dissenting through an amplification device, Patricia Campos-Medina referred to her life in El Salvador which was torn by war in the 1980s between a US backed death squad regime and a leftist alliance of guerilla organizations. She related to the suffering of the Palestinians calling for a cease fire and also endorsing an initiative by US Senator Bernie Sanders calling for a cut off of funding for US arms to Israel.

Her speaking outside the Middlesex County Democrat convention occurred as news breaks that every Democratic Party member of the NJ Congressional Delegation to Congress has either signed or agreed to sign a “discharge” petition to release a vote on $95 billion to support Israel’s genocide operation, continuing the US support for war in Ukraine and military aid to Taiwan, which would ratchet up tensions with China. Kim has not signed the discharge petition yet but he has indicated intentions to do so. Even Bonnie Watson Coleman who had previously offered support for cease fire has signed, and Donald Payne Jr. who had made a statement supportive of cease fire has indicated intentions to sign.

The current US Senator’s representing N,J Cory Booker and the multiply indicted Robert Menendez have already voted for the measure in the US Senate to release the genocide funds.

Editor’s note: is amplifying all electoral voices who are speaking out against US – Israel genocide, calling for a cease fire and for a halt to US arming of Israel. This report does not imply an endorsement. ed.

The following is an excerpt from candidate Campos-Medina’s most recent cease fire statement on her campaign site – the full statement is at this link.

Califon, NJ— U.S. Senate candidate and longtime New Jersey labor leader Patricia Campos-Medina today announced her support for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, tying her call for peace to her harrowing experience living through civil war in El Salvador as a child.

“I was a child during the brutal civil war in El Salvador. Growing up I saw the violence of war, daily artillery attacks, dead bodies in the streets, bombings, kidnappings, and disappearances of family members, neighbors, and the deaths of countless civilians. I remember military helicopters landing in my backyard, troops taking over our family home and my immediate family torn apart, with us children suffering displacement and family separation that lasted for eight years.

“I condemn 100% the terrorist crimes committed by Hamas against the people of Israel. The atrocities committed on October 7th against Israeli citizens, women and children are horrendous and a crime against humanity. In defending itself, Israel must follow international law to protect all civilian populations. Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia are real, disgusting and totally unacceptable. We must stand for an end to violence against civilians, children, women, and families on any side in any war.

“I also condemn the killing of over 13,000 women and children in Palestine. Today, 70% of casualties in Gaza are women and children according to the United Nations. Half of Gazans are now at risk of starvation. This is a humanitarian crisis, and those numbers are unacceptable.

“I am the only candidate in the NJ race for the US Senate who lived in a war zone. And because I know the trauma of war firsthand, I support a negotiated peace agreement, an end to the violence against innocent civilians, the release of all hostages from Gaza and the release of uncharged civilians being held in the West Bank.

“I am calling for an immediate ceasefire and urge the U.S. government to use every diplomatic and economic power to protect all civilians, women, and children. Diplomatic negotiations are needed to de-escalate this conflict and avoid a broader war in the region.

“I know what war is like and I will always do all that I can to prevent it, to encourage peace and the protection of civilian lives across the globe. I was fortunate to survive a brutal 12-year civil war in El Salvador. After eight years of family separation, my brothers and I eventually reunited with my mom and dad in the United States. But I will never forget the trauma of war. And I will never stop fighting to keep families together, to protect children and invest in peace.”