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Have You Been to Columbia University – Solidarity and the Implications for NJ’s Students – FBI Off Campus!

Below is one of numerous postings that are circulating in support of the Columbia University students. FightBackBetter.com has attempted to keep its focus on NJ efforts but we will be making an exception and go deep in the next few days on Columbia University. One big question is about the revelations about the FBI involvement at Columbia University – we should assume that a similar dynamic is present at some or all of the NJ colleges with active Palestine solidarity efforts. We should begin asking the administrations.

We should also assume that IDF and Israel spy agencies are also active – especially at universities like Rutgers with actual connection to Tel Aviv University which is rout with Israeli intelligence and military – the integration of Rutgers and TAU actually make it near impossible for Rutgers to prevent IDF access to information about the NJ campuses that could be compromising.

This whole situation with a genocide occurring and opposition to it being categorized as “anti-Semitism” to provide a handle for repressive measures seems to be moving the US toward a state of civil war and possible Kent and Jackson State massacre situations.

It is clear that the genocide has brought the USA to a state of crisis and our next steps are of utmost importance. Stay tuned for more coverage.

We are in solidarity with the Columbia Gaza Encampment Action and Student Organizers and with all students expressing their right to protest on their campuses. Swipe for how to support the Columbia protestors