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Kahanist Coup in Motion? Will US Be Rolled Under Kahanist Tyranny?

Recently I wrote of the specter of Israel support for Trump and the Republicans in spite of all that Biden did for the genocidal effort. US enabling of the genocide is probably a greater contribution to the carnage than the Israeli execution of it since without the over abundance of super lethal weaponry at US expense the massively depraved excessive slaughter could not have been maintained. I also highlighted coup talk in Israel in a tweet by Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir suggesting that “Hamas <hearts> Biden” from early May. I suggested that Ben-Gvir’s stating as much is a clear suggestion of a coup in motion against the USA.

Now this – directly from his sector – a threatened coup against Netanyahu – who himself is a fascist extremist – hard to imagine a much further rightist from Netanyahu but then there is Ben-Gvir!

So Ben-Gvir is now threatening a coup against Netanyahu. Netanyahu is undermining Biden by continuing to contradict Biden’s attempt to proffer a cease fire. Pro-Israel leadership of the USA sponsor trips to promote genocide by such US rightists as Stefanik and Haley to elevate the fascist narrative around Israel – with Trump echoing it basically calling for blood baths on our college campuses. Israel and its US patrons want Trump – and the Republicans are aligning their narrative with Ben-Gvir. If Netanyahu caves to the demands then the coup is achieved without the shake up because it means Ben-Gvir is calling the shots – not Netanyahu.

If Ben-Gvir super-fascists take over from their current coalition with the Netanyahu fascists – immediately USA will then be in partnership with a Kahanist regime and the same pressure against the students and the protests in the street being exerted to benefit the US – Israel regime of Netanyahu – will be exerted to impose the desires of the Kahanists!

That could be our very near future! Buckle up nation and people – turbulent skies on the horizon.