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North Jersey Com Should Not Have Reported Unsubstantiated Smear

The recent article of February 28 in the North Jersey news site about the Israeli takeover of the Livingston School District mentioned the following in the report:
“They said that attempts to cancel the event by other groups amounted to antisemitism.”

However – no supportive information was offered by North Jersey to substantiate this false smear. That means the news site helped to amplify and propagate this dangerous smear. It was irresponsible for the news source to report such allegations with absolutely no supporting evidence.

Groups that have opposed Superintendent Block – turning the Livingston School District over as an asset for amplifying pro-genocide Israeli propaganda have included Teaching While Muslim, CAIR NJ, 11th for Palestine and many others. Also this editor has steadily called for the cancellation of this destructive relationship with a genocidal regime.

I write this on the day that Israel bombed a relief line – relief trucks – slaughtering 150 people, children, women, men and physically injuring 700 – WAITING IN LINE FOR FLOUR!  These are all people who are also being STARVED TO DEATH!

There is no evidence of anti-Semitism. Shame on North Jersey press for helping to smear opponents of genocide. Hopefully the smear will be retracted and an apology issued to those who have done a community service by educating us about the harm of allowing Israel to take over our school districts in NJ – while the media stayed silent and allowed the takeover to occur without a peep until after the damages incurred!

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