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Time is Now! Leverage the Rutgers Divestment Win to Push for Victories in Trenton – Reminder there is Much Unfinished Trenton Business!

The hands down overwhelming win for divestment at Rutgers University and for severing Rutgers from the genocide linked and IDF dominated Tel Aviv University is a barometer for NJ state – as is the evidence of the 100s of reports on this FightBackBetter news site. The media, aside from this fine news site, and duopoly parties in power do their best to make believe the opposition does not exist – just as they make believe that they are not directly responsible for the slaughter of approaching 40K Palestinians in Gaza in the last 6 months. The proof is in the pudding – the romp and stomp of Rutgers students for divestment. Adult youth from the diverse cross section of NJ attend at Rutgers – opposition to US – Israel genocide is rooted deeply in NJ and the elected officials are totally out of touch.

This message needs to be heard by Trenton which has done back flips – led by Democrats – to promote the US – Israel genocidal project. They recently tried to advance a harmful bill that would overwhelmingly gag protected free speech of opponents to US policy supporting Israel. They want to legislate conflation between anti-Semitism and opposition to arming the genocidal US – Israeli war machine – a total fallacy. While the recent attempt to push this forward was temporarily thwarted by the collective efforts of broad sectors across NJ, the pressure from organized pro-Israel PACs on especially the NJ Democrats right now is likely to push this severe threat to our very freedom in NJ to the forefront again very soon.

The Democrats are even busier still with resolutions expressing support for their counterparts in Washington DC who are voting to arm the Israeli slaughter in Gaza. They need to be hearing from everybody and we need efforts to recruit candidates to oppose the supporters of this Trenton pep rally for slaughter in 2025 in the NJ Senate and Assembly races.

So while some NJ Democrats in the Assembly and NJ Senate are calling for the resolution supporting genocide, nobody has reintroduced the cease fire resolution that had been floated in December 2023, introduced by outgoing Assembly Woman Sadaf Jaffer.

We also should support the victory at Rutgers with a statewide call and demand upon the Murphy Administration to pressure Rutgers Administration to honor the will of the democratic process that brought the trouncing victory for Divestment and definitely emphasize the absolute necessity to cut the ties with the IDF dominated Tel Aviv University – Murphy’s fingerprints are all over that bloody operation.


No doubt the biggest limitation is capacity. In the ideal world we could get some sort of regular – weekly even if possible presence at Trenton during the morning arrival or perhaps lunch period – whatever is a good time so the elected officials would see a presence – a vigil near the Statehouse entrance opposing genocide and pressuring on the above set of concerns and whatever other issues come to the floor on that is related to the struggle to oppose genocide. Ideally such an effort could possibly be sustained if there was a local group or groups that were willing to provide the core and the rest of us can mobilize the wider support from around the state. But it is also possible that it might be a good idea but with so many developing fronts of the struggle it might not be feasible. However based upon the likelihood that our movement continues to grow and the potential support from Trenton area that has not yet been connected with our efforts – it could be something worth considering. This editor of FightBackBetter is interested in your ideas: Editor@FightBackBetter.com