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Where is NJ Legislature’s Call for an End to Genocide?

Democratic Party initiatives in the 2024-25 NJ Legislative session so far have included a draconian definition of any dissent from US policy supporting genocide by its client and recipient of massive armaments and economic support from the US, courtesy of US taxpayers as “anti-Semitism”. So far the movement against genocide was able to stall the passage of this severely repressive legislation that is ultimately unconstitutional as it violates free speech. However it is likely this attack on free speech in NJ – being led by NJ’s Democratic Party legislators will rear its ugly head again.

Secondly, NJ’s Democrats are sponsoring what can only be called a pep rally for genocide – so-called “Support Israel” resolutions in both legislative bodies.

Why is NOBODY in the NJ legislature calling for an end to the US – Israeli genocidal slaughter in Gaza? Where are the voices for peace and humanity among NJ’s elected state legislature.

Sadaf Jaffer, a former Assembly Woman representing the 16th legislative district in NJ whose term expired in January courageously had introduced a cease fire resolution that garnered some support as one of her final official acts in office – a true service to her constituents and all of NJ.

She is now wondering where are the courageous voices in the NJ legislature – where are the voices for humanity?

Offering her thoughts on the matter, former Assembly Woman Jaffer states:

“In light of the ongoing massacres in Gaza, particularly the distressing images from the complete destruction of Al-Shifa hospital where over 400 people have been killed, it is my sincere hope that the New Jersey legislature soon passes a ceasefire resolution along the lines of the one I introduced last session [AR196]. Over 13,000 children have been killed. New Jerseyans are family oriented and want to see ceasefire and peace in the region.”

It seems that the Democratic Party needs to brush up on its math.  When Democrats prevail in NJ it is often by a narrow margin and Muslim, Palestinian, Arab voters are usually counted among the Democratic Party voters.  Those who support humanitarian principles are often Democratic Party voters as well.  It seems like the Democrats assume that they can carry these votes regardless of their support for slaughtering Palestinian children, women and men – using the most depraved methods of mass slaughter that these legislators prefer not to think about.  However they could see themselves coming up short as they prioritize genocide supporting measures this session and are totally absent of any even performative call for an end to the US-Israel genocide against the Palestinian people!

A clear precedent for passing such a resolution demanding cease fire has been set by Hawaii legislature who just passed such a resolution 24-1.